extreme terribleness.

  1. everso
    Creed hasn't existed since 1401 or 1754 or whatever phoney date they keep feeding their fanboys! There is no evidence present to support the existence of Creed as a fragrance maker.....no old bottles, no vintage advertising....no actual witnesses to the fact that creed even existed before the 60s or 70s. It's all BS!

    They just made up some fake ass history about their 'company'....it's a marketing tool. And you've ALL FALLEN FOR IT!

    It's time to expose Creed for what they are.....whale gutting ambergris loving cool water imitating PHONIES with some monkey named Oliver at the helm!

    DOWN WITH CREED! they're just so uncool.
  2. T. Rex, Esq.
    T. Rex, Esq.
    Don't you people get it? Soylent Green Irish Tweed is PEOPLE!!
  3. Un profumo affettuoso
    Un profumo affettuoso
    Creed is the epitomy of phoneyness to me. Wouldn't waste my money on their scents...
  4. Sporenburg
    It's silly isn't it, making up that history. On the other hand sometimes I almost admire them for being so outrageously fake. Then I think about the ugly bottles and the hilarious prices...yeah, pretty silly.

    Other thing I hate about Creed is these non-Creed reviews on BN that suddenly go "pretty decent, but I in this style I really prefer Bois du Portugal/"Vintage" Pope Fart/Green Irish Tweed."

    Ah well...I'm just glad I never fell for it.
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