Toujours Moi

  1. queen cupcake
    queen cupcake
    Well, I bought a vintage bottle of Corday Toujours Moi Cologne Fraiche, 3.9 oz. Oh, am I disappointed...It appeared to be an unused, full bottle with little or no evaporation. I guess it wasn't stored carefully because the juice smells like dust and vinegar. Sour, none of the spicy sweetness that I was expecting.

    Taolady, I know your history with Corday from reading your review of Toujours Moi. Did you know that Max Factor made this product for a time? I have a bottle of the Max Factor version of Toujours Moi edc spray, 2 oz. Boy, is it wonderful!! I love it so much and was expecting the Corday item to be as nice or nicer. Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles when buying vintage and/or used... I don't like to think that I was intentionally ripped off, but can't rule it out.

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year and good luck finding special vintage scents!
    Queen Cupcake
  2. Scent-imental
    I just bought a full, unused Toujours Moi bath oil, and it's fabulous, it smells absolutely divine, so i feel your pain, and relate to it completely with regards to buying vintage. Yesterday i received a 2.0 oz bottle of Nettie Rosenstein Creme De Parfum Tianne, still had cellophane on the box, and little caps sealing the bottle, however, major evaporation, there was maybe 20% remaining, and it stank. I tried it on, and it smells like old tealeaves, on the verge of going mouldy. Not entirely unpleasant, but not what i had hoped for. The bottle however, is beautiful, with gold embossing on the label.

    Some you win, some you lose. Happy to say, i won today
  3. St. Louis
    St. Louis
    Did you give it some time? I bought a 1940s half-full bottle of Je Reviens on ebay, and was very disappointed when I realized that it had gone rancid. I left it on my skin for a while, though, and as soon as the top notes disappeared, I was left with a beautiful mossy floral dry scent. Definitely worth the wait.
  4. Scent-imental
    I did try it on, put some on my wrists, and neck, and i got the "tea leaves on the verge of going mouldy" which, as i said, was not entirely unpleasant, but later on in the day, i could get some kind of floral, maybe a little wood, but it lacked robustness, and strength, and i wasn't able to separate or distinguish any notes really. I'll keep on trying with this though, whilst hoping to encounter another bottle on my vintage journey. Hopefully i'll discover one, with less evaporation. I'm having fun though, i find it all very exciting ahen the packages get delivered.
  5. St. Louis
    St. Louis
    I know what you mean! Collecting vintage scents can definitely become addictive. I won't let myself spend too much on any one bottle, though, because it's so hard to know whether the scent will be any good. I've discovered some really lovely fragrances shopping on ebay--some are now my favorites, like the vintage Cotys (Emeraude, L'Origan, and L'Aimant.) The vintage versions are so beautiful.
  6. Scent-imental
    Thanks for your tip on Lorigan, St. Louis, i got 2 bottles off ebay, cheap, and i love them!!
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