Carlo Corinto Classic (1986)

  1. shamu1
    Powerhouse Pine. I know some people's eyes are rolling at my mention of this scent because it's mainly powerhouse fans that wear this, but I think Carlo Corinto Classic deserves attention here because of its delightful pine and woody notes. It has an overall dark green and brown olfactory color.

    The scent starts off with a sweet and spicy bergamot-laden opening accord. It is bracing, woody and spicy, very nice. The heart stage, however, is where the magic starts because by then the citrus and lavender have faded, revealing what may be the most beautiful pine and wood accord I have yet to experience in a perfume. I reminds me of the wonderful smell of those burlap bags of pine and wood "potpourri" you find at tourist trap gift shops in the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire. It is a bright and cheerful pine, and completely natural smelling, as is most of this scent.
  2. shamu1
    Luckily I can still smell the pine for hours and into the drydown, though it is less prominent. The drydown is pretty much macho time, with the standard 80s patchouli and amber, but there are still remnants of the pine and woody spice there. I think the fact that I can still detect remnants of pine so late in CC's progression is a testament to how well this fragrance is constructed. I'm not quite sure if I'm actually still smelling the pine or if the drydown notes are such that they make my brain think I'm still smelling the pine notes. Either way, I think this is an extraordinary fragrance and is one that fans of pine scents can really enjoy.
  3. odysseusm
    Thought I'd post a review of this 1986 power house.

    There is a brisk citrus-herbal opening of lavender and plummy bergamot. The middle is well done, containing good conifers and a fair amount of woody spice. Discretion pays off in the dry-down, which gets rich and substantial. It settles into the brown study typical of an aromatic fougere from the 1980's. Leather, patchouli, amber notes are there. The cardamom interacts well with these. And good marks for a persistent pine note throughout.
    In carefully controlled doses this is fine. It is a powerhouse, but it is not sweet or cloying.
  4. odysseusm
    I'll add a short further reflection. This is a cool-weather scent (which it is today where I live). The dry-down is excellent, quite classy, lovely and comforting. I appreciate this scent a lot.
  5. odysseusm
    This is an interesting scent. There are two different note lists. Here is the one from Basenotes:
    Top Notes: Lavender, Bergamot
    Heart Notes: Pine, Cardamom, Carnation
    Base notes: Leather, Patchouli, Amber, Musk

    The base clearly is that, typical of 80's brown study powerhouses. But, as others have noted, there does not appear to be much if any pine here.
    A check to the Carlo Corinto site gives these notes:
    TOP – bergamot, basil, thyme, lemon
    MID – sage, cedarwood, olibanum, raspberry
    BASE – patchouli, vanilla, leather, vetyver

    And certainly I find basil to be an extremely prominent feature here. At times, the scent reminds me very much of Basile Uomo.
    Lavender-basil opening chord, very aromatic. Lots of spices. A green-herbal scent with brown tinges. Amber gives it a powdery whallop.
    If you like Yatagan or Basile Uomo you will like this.
    One squirt -- it is a powerful beast. Smooth though, in careful doses. And the dry-down is really quite good.
  6. odysseusm
    Well, I think it will be cool enough tomorrow to brave this old warhorse. Once more into the breech, dear friends... Key question -- is there pine here?
  7. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    I've yet to find the pine with this one. I'll wear it again soon to see if I can detect it this time.
  8. odysseusm
    Perhaps there are two versions of this scent. I'm certain that I have the one with the notes featured on the Carlo Corinto site.
    I get lavender and lots of herbal notes (basil, thyme and sage). I get no pine. The herbs are very dusky and powerful, and fairly sweet.
    Moss-like notes of a brown sort are also evident. Maybe those are from the patchouli.
    I don't even get a resinous or pine-like note from the alleged olibanum (frankincense).
    I don't care for it today, finding it too resolutely brown, sweet, and heavy.
    So, I conclude that this is not really pine to be found. Whether this is a Conehead scent, I leave for others to decide.
  9. Scent Detective
    Scent Detective
    Odysseusm, I agree completely that this is a "brown, sweet and heavy scent." Not a conifer to be found in this bottle for me.
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