Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    Taha -

    The vanillin aspect of Borneos is very soothing to me. Not at all feminine. It is a kind of smoothness that acts as a bridge across all the various little pungent notes of these oils. I LOVE it, so much so that it makes me tempted to do some experiments with some of my cheap oud and some vanilla absolute. This smoothness is epitomized in the 3000, though UNS had a select Borneo with this aroma as well. These good Borneos - they are sublime. Where are the UNS quality oils, though? Is Oriscent the only source??
  2. MrP
    Assam Kinam - I got a sniff or two. Basically very much like Amit's oud from last year but with a dose of the Royal Kinam mixed in (that's what I would have guessed it was, if not for Ensar's ads). Top note is some of the Royal Kinam blended about 50:50 with Amit's oud; basenote is almost pure RKSons DS oud to my nose. Sadly, I only tried it twice - I may be way off and it may have changed by now.
  3. bluemoon
    Borneo Select is one of my favorite oils, in large measure because of the vanilla note. The blend of the ethereal topnote, glissande sweetness of vanilla and soft woodiness is a delicate and graceful combination. I don't smell any vanilla in Borneo Kinam. To me it smells quite strongly of cinnamon (underneath the whistle top note)- it's emphasis is more on spices; to me it's slightly warmer and hums in a lower register.
    Please let us know how you vanilla/oud experiment works out, Mr. P.
    I have a sample of Oudhasi's Amber Oudh Attar. Although it's predominently a blend of oud and spices, there's a hint of vanilla which makes it purr.
    I don't know of any other supplier that has great Borneo oils. Incidentally, there's a delay in shipping Uns oils so it may be a while before his new stock is reviewed.
  4. MrP
    Thanks, Bluemoon! That UNS Borneo select was FANTASTIC. I would say it could hold a candle to the Borneo 3000. If I had any idea at the time what a sweet oil that was, well, I would have found a way to get it.

    Agreed about the Borneo Kinam - very, very different. If I had to guess (and I would indeed be guessing) I would think it is a different species of agarwood altogether. It just smells like completely different molecules.

    I think i posted on how surprising it was to me that that oil was a Borneo, but given the range of aromas I have seen from Papua New Guinea (broadly speaking, including Irian Jaya, Merauke and Oriscent's Green Papua) I guess I shouldn't be surprised!
  5. acer3
    Thank you MrP for your insight on Assam Kinam. I must admit Bluemoon, the way you can describe Ouds is just wow! Sheer talent!
  6. bluemoon
    Thank you , acer!
  7. evogel
    I was thinking that the "new" UNS oils were leftovers or re-acquisitions of the IJ Select and Merauke that Ibrihim previously carried.
    Both were very nice oils!
  8. evogel
    UNS had another lower priced Borneo that came in their sample set. It was called East Borneo #80 and while it wasn't as scrumptious as the Borneo Select, I still thought it was a nice, solid specimen.
    Oudselect has some Indonesian oil that are interesting. A kind soul sent me some samples and I hope to review them soon.
    The "new" board is quite timely.
  9. MrP
    Yeah... I crave two things right now:

    Some diverse smooth Borneos in the style of 3000, UNS, at a variety of levels and qualities. The Borneo Bloom is a nice oil, but not the same style at all - there is a (not quite) chocolate and (not quite) vanilla smoothness - a sort of
    dessert like richness but not smelling like candy. I have 2 batches of chips
    like this.

    Also, some of those wild peppery muddy merauke oil. The UNS was ok but to muddled for my taste - I have some rougher meraukes that I prefer. They are more focused, simpler - vaguely patchouli and mud like but there are these separate notes that ring out clearly.

    Now what I reall want are some of these at the old WNF and Magnifincense prices.
  10. dredmahawkus
    I posted this over in the oudh fighting topic....but maybe I should ask this here....

    Are there certain ouds that smell terrible on your skin? some reason Borneo's all smell like gasoline on me! on cloth its sweet creamy and wonderful....but as soon as any of them touch my skin it instanly smells like I was just fillin up my car and spilled gasoline all over myself.

    does anyone else have this problem with certain ouds? no others do that to me. although some smell and progress better on cloth.

    BTW this is pretty exciting...I dont know why I never tested a borneo on cloth...I have every other idea why I never did the Borneo I just ruled it out.....anyway its like I am smelling a borneo for the first time! its incredible! I am excited
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