Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. peppermua
    I'm kind of curious about this myself. Thaqeel and Kalakassi are not available at all ASAQ stores by the way. Also want to save up for some! Not sure about Thaqeel but I read somewhere, possibly on BN that they are starting to run out of Kalakassi?
  2. acer3
    Hehehe yeah I suppose so, trust me though, you will like it! Ask Abubakr as well, it really is very nice!

    I have stated this in the past and I shall reiterate it again, the best Indian Oud I've tried so far would be ASAQ's Kalakassi Oud!
  3. acer3
    Yeah from what I understand, they are both limited time Ouds (Thaqeel & Kalakasi). Once they run out of it then their shall no more ... they will be the Ouds of legends

    Bluemoon, am I correct here?
  4. acer3
    By the way Dred, don't forget that you'll also be getting a high quality Hindi Assam chip as well
  5. peppermua
    Too bad it is so ridiculously priced there are so few people that could actually lay out that kind of money to enjoy it (I'm talking about regular retail). Perhaps that will leave those ouds on the market and they won't run out before the economy improves! I'd love to smell what a $2-4k pure oud smells like.
  6. MrP
    WOG asked: " Also, does anybody know an oil that changed for the worse by sunning?"

    Not exactly sunning, but oxidizing, which could be related. The following is a longer-term change, not a short-term change like I imagine most folks think of in term so sunning oils: I have found the scent of Sweet China to become kind of rancid (not exactly rancid, but sort of) as it oxidizes. Funny - some folks were using teak oil and some other wood stains at my school - the somewhat harsh smell of that finish resembled the residue of Sweet China as it oxidizes. Anyway, this is one oil I would keep in a nearly filled bottle.
  7. bluemoon
    Thaqeel, Kalakassi- I was told that the oil was put away by the original owners of the business and some went to each son. Whether this is true or not- I have no idea.
  8. MrP
    Oudline also told me the batch is the same, and the oil is 100% Malinau. I wonder if what Taha is experiencing has to do with the freshness of the oil? Perhaps as it settles down and oxidizes a bit, it sweetens up? I find the Malinau to be improving as it ages.
  9. peppermua
    Bluemoon can you clarify what does that mean that it was put away? Meaning discontinued? I know of a couple stores that still had it in stock as of a month ago...
  10. MrP
    Here's that reference on improved odor of sesquiterpene alcohols with oxidation:
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