Agarwood oil thread.

  1. collin
    but for example in Italy the very best olive oil have to be kept at cool - to medium temperature in dark bottles in order to keep the savour and the smell/taste
  2. bluemoon
    Very interesting information, Colin. Thanks.
  3. luigi_g
    thanks taha, that is indeed interesting, so given that difficulty, i wonder about a solvent extraction, perhaps like hexane?
    the material is so very hard to come by as well as expensive, so experimenting is really out of reach right....
  4. luigi_g
    thanks for the info and the link bluemoon
  5. AZsmells
    Does everyone agree with dredmahawkus? Is it better to keep oud exposed to light?
  6. abubakr_al-misky
    I have had this told to me by numerous distlers of Oud, and even Ensar suggested this. I have also done this to all of my Oud when they are fresh from the distillery as it gets all of the excess water out and drastically changes the scent. It is not a replacment for ageing for a long period of time but it is definatly a refining method.
  7. bluemoon
    Abu- I think it's agreed that sunning is good for fresh oils, and also that oxygenation improves oud (although I seem to remember that someone mentioned that his "Sweet China" had spoiled in a partially empty bottle). But just because sun is good to remove excess water and "still" notes (and to mellow some of the stronger and "off notes"), does that necessarily mean that's sun is good for aging an oil?
    Since the goal of distillers is to sell their stock, how many of them have experience with aging oils over a period of years? I know we discussed this a while back, but I don't know if a conclusion was reached about the long term "proper" care of oils.
    I keep mine in the dark at room temperature. None have spoiled and some have improved. I have no idea if they'd improve more if they were kept in the sun and/or heat.
    I've found some information on the web that says that wood should be kept cool, but I couldn't find anything on oil storage.
  8. acer3
    My personal belief is, dark place - no light.
  9. dredmahawkus
    I suggest trying it with like 1/8 of a ml in a sample vial to see how it turns out. I have never put a whole bottle in the sun. Although I am considering it with agaraura Thai oud. The rapidly aged sample was much better then the bottle! Maybe there's alot of water in it? It is the thinnest oud I have.
    I am not sure it would work with big houses ouds. Only ones that were distilled.
  10. AZsmells
    What if I age Montale Ouds? just kidding
    Speaking of Sweet China. What do people think of it?
    Also normally I wear oud on my forearm and I notice that the smell goes away quickly and the scent stays very close to my skin. Today I touched a tiny drop on the cuff of my shirt and I notice a huge difference. It smells much richer and stronger. This may be because I'm trying Borneo Kinam for the first time but it really smells great.
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