Agarwood oil thread.

  1. divinemama
    Azsmells, it has been mentioned many times here that oud lasts much longer when applied to cloth. It has been my experience also. I usually apply some to skin and some to my clothes. Just a little dab on the inside of your shirt collar can greatly enrich your oud experience.

    I keep my ouds in the dark, usually with some air in the bottle. My ouds are aging nicely. Even in the several months that I have started collecting ouds. While I bought some oud years ago, it wasn't until last summer that I really started exploring it.
  2. Al-Khidr
    Sometimes instead of wearing oud on my skin or clothes, I've put oud on a piece of cloth or a heavy napkin and just carried it around in a shirt or inner jacket pocket. The advantage is that I can get the cloth notes daily without wearing the same shirt every day! It can last that way for weeks, if not longer.
  3. bluemoon
    I've read, that if applying on clothes, it emanates better from the shoulder than from the collar, but I haven't tried it.
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    Yeh cloth is the way to go especially if you are useing kalakassi. It saves alot of oud to because you dont need as much and willl last and last and last. But I also will apply just a little on the neck and a little to my finger or hand just to get a sniff of it every now and then and check its evolution. Yeh I think ageing oud is whole different thing altogether in this case it may be better for darkeness but for new ouds can benifit from the sunning prcess. I would suggest to carry the oud oil in a bottle that has megahead space. like if you have 6ml of oud tr it in an ounce bottle or something like this.
  5. acer3
    Does anyone else here care about the packaging of the new Kyara oud?

    For that price, at the very least, I would have liked it to be presented in the same way as Shiekh's Borneo?

    Personally I'm really big on asthetics ...
  6. acer3
    So does anyone know if this truly is distilled from Kyara grade Agarwood?
  7. acer3
    wow, that's pretty amazing ...
  8. tahasyed
    Kyara grade wood? And the oil is for only $790?!?!?!!
    Even if you could extract an entire ml from even a single gram of Kyara wood (which itself is impossible), it wouldn't be as cheap as $790.
    It's like saying 1+1=100.

    You sure he didn't say it was from wood whose aromatic chemical composition was that of Kyara?
    With oud, semantics really matter, and more than once have I seen very clever wording to make things seem like what they're not..
    and having the 'aromatic chemical composition' is a world apart from saying oil from 'kyara grade wood'.

    And it doesn't matter if its green kyara, or blue kyara, or kyara the color of a carebear's butt.
  9. acer3
    wait what, you can extract an entire ml of oil from 1 gram of Kyara grade wood?

    Just to be on the safe side then, from 1 KG of Kyara grade wood, how many ml's of oil can one approx be able to extract? (guesstimate it ...)
  10. tahasyed
    @acer... oops, sorry... I meant it's IMPOSSIBLE (fixed my post).
    Don't know what the yield would be.
    Also, Kyara's not about resin density (you can get more resin density in some agarwoods than in some kyara wood), it's about the aromatic composition.

    @Azsmells... as far as kyara vs agarwood is concerned, it's the aromatic substances that are different.
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