Agarwood oil thread.

  1. AZsmells
    taha so is Kyara only from a particular species of tree? Is it possible to have different grades of Kyara?
  2. tahasyed
    Azsmells, I'm very interested (and I'm sure so are others) to know how Ensar determined it was kyara wood. You think you could ask? : )
    And yes, you can have various grades within kyara.
  3. tahasyed
    I wonder if it's his Burmese Kinam, rebottled.

    Kyara is just a specific type of 'agarwood'. The chemical composition that is responsible for the scent is different from regular agarwood.
    The closest approximation would be high quality Cambodian oud chips with a bit of camphor sprinkled on top, and a touch of nagarmotha applied after smoking yourself.
  4. tahasyed
    Azsmells, if you're interested in actual Kyara, you should try Shoeido. I wasn't too excited about Baieido.

    Also, a kind soul sent me a few kyara chips from Yamada Matsu. You can smell it even without burning it!
    I haven't burned them myself yet - I'm saving them for my wedding. : )
  5. jr0
    Greetings oud <3ers - salaam 'alaykum

    I'm jr0 and have joined this group. Thanks for all your great information so far!

    I bought my first bottle of oud in Mekkah in 1996. It lasted me for about five years! I think it was a higher grade Camboodi. I was with a buyer who knew his stuff and I got a tola for around $100.

    Since then I have largely been frustrated trying to find and buy good oud and other perfumes generally. Personally I find the sales people in the well-known shops very unhelpful. I really don't trust them.

    Anyway, I have recently (on he strength of some posts here) bought Oriscent's sampler and am happy to have finally found some good oils. I have ordered some Assam Black and am also patiently awaiting the return of the Indian Spice from Agaraura (due back in stock end of June inshallah).

    Sorry to have gone on. Just wanted to introduce myself.
  6. tahasyed
    Wa alaykum assalam, and welcome!
    Hopefully you'll find this board to be valuable, and a treasure trove of information.
  7. divinemama
    Welcome jr0!
  8. bluemoon
    Welcome to the board, jr0! It's nice to know there's another person out there who can make a bottle of oud last 5 years! :-)

    I hope you'll share your thoughts about the oils you try. Assam Black is not one of the Oriscent's oils I've purchased so I'm particularly interested in anything you'd like to share about it.
  9. abubakr_al-misky
    To my knowledge Kyara is from Aquilaria Senensis specifically from Vietnam or China. Remember Kyara is Kinam but with special unique scent.
  10. bluemoon
    Kyara: "Japanese industry participants agree that there have been no significant stocks of kyara grade available since the mid-1990s, and while merchants have accumulated stockpiles of kyara that are believed to be significant enough to supply the Japanese high-end demand for 10
    years, actual volumes are ‘trade secrets’….
    Aside from sesquiterpene compounds, another key ‘marker’ in agarwood chemistry is the proportions of chromone found in the resinous deposits, for which there has been a number of research publications.Research on high-grade samples classified by the Japanese term kyara were tested for levels of chromone, and it was discovered that not only was there consistent evidence that chromone levels could isolate kyara quality agarwood, but also some compounds were found in kyara that were not present in other agarwood ‘grades’ "
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