Agarwood oil thread.

  1. jr0
    Thanks all for the "warm basenotes" welcome - I hope I will be able to contribute something to the discussion.
  2. bluemoon
  3. acer3
    Welcome to the forums jr0
  4. tahasyed
    There is still hope!

    A guy who my brother in law knows came down from Cambodia to Malaysia (where my bro in law is), and gave him a sample of an oud from the Koh Kong province of Cambodia (the sweet fruity type).
    And surely enough, my bro in law said that it's "strong sweet and fruity", and that its "aromatic and fruity and floral. It is also thick and dark." Let's see how it turns out.

    Weird thing is.. when I called up the guy when he was still in Cambodia, I asked if we could talk in English but he insisted on Arabic. I found that strange, but was quite impressed with his Arabic!
  5. tahasyed
    Also, if I remember correctly it is wild.

    The ones from the Bun Tad mountain near the border of Thailand & Cambodia are the ones that I'm not that impressed with. Well, they have a charm of their own (and are actually very sweet), but they don't have the same profile as the Cambos that we in the West like, like KSSS, Thaqeel etc.

    Let's see how this one from Koh Kong turns out. Given that I had almost given up hope on finding any more oils from Koh Kong, I'm quite excited.

    I wonder which province Ensar visited..
  6. divinemama
    That sounds promising, Taha!
  7. abubakr_al-misky
    Ensar has a facebook acount and he has some info he put up there. he sent me an email and he said what he found in cambodia was oud cut with DOP, Coconet oil and some of it was laced with pig fat. He has some pictures on his facebook of his visit were he is sitting next to some big bottles that he said was Dop and the wood was painted to look authentic.
  8. acer3
    get your own wood out,

    ///// wait for it ......

  9. Musdev
    Asalamu Alaikum,
    I just received a sample of the white ambergris from agarscent, oh my this stuff is awesome Mashallah, and I also received a sample of the Koh Kong from agaraura, honestly guys, my nose is so new to Oud(Im use to smelling the imitation funky stuff) I cant even express to you guys what Im smelling because I dont think my nose holds weight in this forum. Its very smooth, sticky thick oil, to me its magnificent. My wife even loves it, and just the other day she wanted me to leave the house because I put on some cambodian oud no.1 from Al Haramain, this Koh Kong is the truth though.
    After about 15 min it gets sweet, and remains smooth and definitely not harsh on the nose.
    As far as the white ambergris from agarscents, has anyone smelled anything just as good from another company, I might buy some of this stuff insha Allah
  10. Musdev
    Okay this might be a silly question, but how do I burn these agarwood chips?

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