Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Al-Khidr
    On Ensar's email: That is a trip. I hope he posts the pictures! I guess it is not surprising that he would find DOP and coconut oil. But pig fat seems like stretch to me. I could be way off here. But pig fat, as far as I know, is one of those things that is solid at room temperature, and has the unmistakable smell of, well, pig fat. Not woods and dried fruits. With pig fat, it seems like your oud would have a layer of butter looking stuff on top, and smell like raw bacon, or maybe hot sizzling bacon. Hey, have you tried that new Cambodi Bacon Mabhkar? It smells like breakfast at Denny's! Why would anyone go to the trouble of lacing oud with something as absurd as pork fat when perfectly suitable (and subtle) chemicals are cheaply available? The idea for them is to make money, not play practical jokes, right? Just my 2 cents, and I *still* wish I had some KSSS of my own, and more than a dot of Sweet Abuela Thaqeel (the only thing she puts pork fat in is collard greens).
  2. acer3
    Musdev, here is the information which you seek,
  3. Musdev
    Cool, Thanks Acer, I got it now

    kind regards
  4. acer3
  5. Musdev
    How is the Ruh Amber Al Maliki (Royal AmbergrisSpirit), and Ghawar Al Amber (Ambergris Jewels) from ASAQ?
  6. abubakr_al-misky
    Musdev _ I have both of them I just purchased. Aprently ASAQ sells a few Ambers that are similer. The Ghawar al Amber and the Ruh Amber Maliki are very similer. The Ghawar al Amber is pure Amber of the higest degree with obviosly really good ingrediants, the Ruh Amber Maliki has a slight sandalwood/Ambergris drydown in which I believe it is Shamamatul Amber with Ambergris. Both are very very good in the realm of Ambers, actually the best I have come across. From what I have gathere ASAQ also sells a Jewls Amber Mukhallat wich has some other ingrediants and a Jewles Amber that has a 25 year oud and one that has an 80 year oud. The one I have is not those but their other Jewels Amber.
  7. divinemama
    I tried Agaraura's Koh Kong and love it. It is very smooth, woody and sweet, but not overly sweet. I imagine it will just get better with age. Just like Borneo Jewel. Koh Kong is an oil I would use to blend with Homage and other oils for my personal blends. But not too much, as it is wonderful on its own too. Koh Kong is a Cambodian oud. Koh Kong is a Cambodian oud.
  8. divinemama
    Blessings of abundance and contentment to all!
  9. AZsmells
    So does anyone have $300,000 lying around to purchase this? At least they offer free shipping!
    Maybe we could distill some nice oil from this 600 year old agarwood.
  10. bluemoon
    Azsmells- It must have been painted cause when you fix the lighting you can see lots of purples, blues and greens on the wood.
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