Agarwood oil thread.

  1. AZsmells
    maybe it is purple, blue, and green kyara
  2. bluemoon
    Maybe it's the supermarket ink stamp from the pork fat.
  3. tahasyed
    hA! :-P
  4. tahasyed
    An email I sent to someone who had questions about my custom distillation, and wanted to do a distillation himself. Once again, purely for educational/sharing purposes. So, if someone has problems and wants to report my post again, at least PM me and tell me your concern.

    The wood that the distiller used was higher than average wood.
    I wish I had bluetooth support on my computer. Then I could take a pic of 'typical' wood used for distillation, and a pic of one of the chips the guy sent me (from the batch that was used for the distillation).
    Unfortunately, I don't, so I'll just pull something from the web that comes close:


    For this distillation:

    Basically, the streaks were very prominent, and when the chip was burned, there was a clear distinct Borneo smell to the smoke.
  5. tahasyed
    You mentioned you won't be soaking the wood - that's good! I like the smell of the oil from unsoaked wood much better. So you'll test with AA or AB grade wood, eh? That's a good idea.

    The yield for the wood used for my distillation was 3ml per kg of wood. The usual rule of thumb is generally 1g per kg, so you can imagine how neat 3ml is compared to that! Then again, Malinau wood is one of the most prized, not just for the sweet smell but also for the resin itself.
    I would suggest trying your distillation with good Crassna wood. The yield is typically higher for Crassna any way, and if its good wood should be all the better.
  6. MrP
    "So does anyone have $300,000 lying around to purchase this? At least they offer free shipping!
    Maybe we could distill some nice oil from this 600 year old agarwood."

    I'm game. I'll have to move the Weber into the living room to burn it properly, though.
  7. Abdul Kuddus Ali
    Abdul Kuddus Ali

    i a, mew to this thread and it seems quite intresting......i am abdul kuddus ali and i am from Assam India.
    My family is in the agarwood oil distillation business since 3 decades. Now i just want to explore the market as i have joined the family business. As i am the producer itself and compititive in the rate then the traders

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  8. acer3
    Can you show us some photos please?
  9. divinemama
    "I'll have to move the Weber into the living room to burn it properly, though."

  10. divinemama
    It is obvious from the quality of Borneo Jewel that great care was taken to achieve a very clean, high grade oud.
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