Agarwood oil thread.

  1. dredmahawkus
    I am dying to try Borneo jewel! I hate borneos! Is there one I would actually like?
  2. acer3
    lol @ your honesty of hating Borneo Ouds ... apparently one of the best Ouds of all time was Borneo 3000.
  3. dredmahawkus
    I wish I had the oppertunity to smell Botneo3000! I have only tried a couple borneos.... Maybe 4 different. Every one of them smell good at first on me..... But then the wood turns To like a diesel gasoline note on my skin!
    On cloth it smells really nice! Must be me.
  4. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    Guys, has anyone tried Ensar's Kyara Koutan yet?

    $790 dollars is way priceier than Oud Thaqeel.
  5. bluemoon
    Oudh Seeker- I was talking to a buyer at one of the big French houses. He said you could have, for example, 9 different Rosa damascena oils ranging in price from inexpensive to astronomically expensive. The most expensive one could be so costly for many different reasons- sourced from a country where the price of labor is higher, scarcity in a particular region, difficulty in harvesting, stricter government regulations, , higher export duties, "fame", "familiarity", etc. It doesn't mean that the higher priced oil smells better. I'm not suggesting that these factors have anything to do with the pricing of Kyara Koutan. Just a reminder of something we all know- more expensive isn't necessarily better (not that you implied that it was).
  6. divinemama
    Very true, bluemoon.
  7. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    I'm actually quite disapointed that Ensar did not take into consideration the general financial delimma of the people nowadays. Indeed, price do not justify an item's quality, and I'm not saying Ensar is exploiting our senses, but c'mon, $790 for 2.7 or 3ml of fragrant oils? Give me a break.

    570 dollars for the already legendary Royal Kinam was still priceier than Oud Thaqeel. Here in Makkah and Jeddah, they're still offering it for $400, and the salesman said that such a discounted price is permanent, and it's( the discount) not season piculiar, either.

    I wasn't really thinking that costlier items are better, but wanted to know if some of you has tried the KK and think it's worth this sky high price.
  8. acer3
    Good point you make there Oudh Seeker.
  9. Al-Khidr
    I agree that the cost of these items is really outsized. But for the reasons Bluemoon mentioned (higher price doesn't always mean better) I continue to be a hopeful bargain hunter, and also have high hopes for some of the cultivated action. I can picture a time when very good quality oud is available much more cheaply, ethically produced, and without the royalty hype that justifies outlandish prices. I know that this stuff can be rare and difficult to produce, but I think its the hype that pushes prices over the top.
  10. divinemama
    I share your dream, Al-Khidr.
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