Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    I know one oud shop here in Jeddah that sells one of the best cambodi oils ever. This one fills up the vicinity you're in and it's notes from top to bottom are just smooth and youthful, but not as staid and cool as Thaqeel. The price of that oil is way cheaper than Oud Thaqeel, too. It doesn't even hit the $100 mark. He also carries Hindi oil for the same price, and that oil is just that, Hindi. You know the rest of the story.

    I do hope that I could meet with all of you here in Jeddah and take you on a tour around this funky city and let you see the conventional oud markets scattered all over Jeddah for yourselves. Maybe someday...
  2. Trebor
    I have to agree about the price of some of these oils, although I can understand most of the factors that influence such a market. I obtained a sample of Thaqeel from a fellow Basenoter some time ago and, while I can appreciate it's qualities, I found it to be too overpriced for what it is. Oud Seeker, 'staid' is a great description of Thaqeel - it's just too demure for my liking. Personally, I've gained more far enjoyment from wearing Taha's Ateeq and that really says it all for me. Granted, I'm still on a learning curve, regarding oud oils, but I could think of better things to do with my hard-earned cash than opting for 1/2 tola of Thaqeel.

    Just my two cents.
  3. bluemoon
    Thanks for your kind wish, Oudseeker. That would be a dream come true!
  4. AZsmells
    The price of Borneo Kinam went up recently to $550. I know Oriscent ouds are good but I can get 2 bottles of KSSS with $50 left over, or Koh Kong, or all 3 ouds from UNS, etc.
  5. evbo
    I do like Oriscent's Borneo Kinam. I bought a bottle when it was "on sale" for "only" $470 but I have to say, I don't have any regrets. I also have a bottle of his Blue Brunei on order. The stuff just sounds too good to resist.

    I too am wondering about the Kyara Koutan. How different is it from the Borneo Kinam? I'm thinking it's a totally different animal (it certainly lives in a pricier stable, that's for sure). If any of you own the Kyara Ltd., how would you describe it?

  6. bluemoon
    Abubakr- Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! May she live a long, love-filled and blessed life, and may she derive as much pleasure from the beauties of scent as you do!
  7. abubakr_al-misky
    Thank you kindly.
  8. Al-Khidr
    Al-Misky, congratulations! That's beautiful. Peace and blessings to your whole family.
  9. Musdev
    Abu Bakr,
    ALHAMDULILAH!!! for your baby girl. May Allah guide her to what is correct, and make her righteous, and obedient to him, so it can weigh heavy on the scale for you and her on that day (Ameen)
  10. acer3
    A thousand congratulations Abubakr
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