Agarwood oil thread.

  1. agarwoodindonesia
    Barakallah fiik ya Aba bakr may Allah give your child a blessing that she become a dedicated women toward her parent and strive upon sunnah.
  2. agarwoodindonesia
    Back to stratospheric price topic, if that oil price that much so there are 2 possibilities, 1 the oil is made from black wood which unlikely not to be happened (it may happened if you are the owner of Manchester City Footbal Club that whom having 11 billion US$ in his pocket), 2 the oil is made from dust but he order in very small amount maybe just a tola or 2 tolas, since if it's made from dust namely malinau dust so the price will be around 400 US$/ Tola since malinau worth twice as other agarwood in Kalimantan or Bornoe, why I came accross this calculation because I will distill, so i've checked the price for the dust and found out that the super dust from other part of Kalimantan is on 12,2 US$/Kg, if Malinau twice the price so make it 24,4 US$/Kg.
  3. agarwoodindonesia
    You can do the math and the price surely will drop cheaper if you distill in larger quantity. This is not just I am a seller or something like it, it's just it doesn't seem fair to me that some people dance upon the suffering of others, I know making oud oil is difficult and take a lot of knowlegde but over pricing something hmm. And I would like to reply why not using hexane ? such as alcohol etc? since the agarwood consist resin more than the oil, if you are using hexane you don't get oil but resin and the oil is gone or mix with the resin and it's hard to crack it. And If you are using the black resinous part the rendement is about 2.5% and the price from the locals here are starting at 300++US$/Kg just count how much fuel and other cost also the distiller profit, thanks all for reading. It's just my 2 Cents.
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    thanks muhammed for your kind words and words on your experience with your distilations. by the way, how is your distilling going? I am loving your chips I purchased from you.
  5. collin
    BIG congratulations to you and your wife for your daughter!
  6. agarwoodindonesia
    Well thank you Aba Bakr I still got 200 grams left does anyone here need it? PM me if anyone need it, I don't wanna be called advertiser here, The machine is complete the housing for the machine is still on building, I need more cash to complete everything I also had purchased raw material but still in Banjarmasin.
  7. Abdul_Qa'im
    Just returned from a month-long vacation to Burma to read of Abu Bakr's joyous news. Mabrook, akhee ! May she live a long, fruitful life and be an adornment to her parents and her faith. Ameen ...
  8. divinemama
    Congratulations Abubakr! Blessings of joy and serenity to your family!
  9. divinemama
    Welcome back Abdul_Qa'im!
  10. bluemoon
    Welcome home, Abdul_Qa'im! It's good to hear your "voice" :-)
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