Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    Here's part of the quote: "However in case of sesquiterpene rich oils the story is exactly opposite. Oils like Patchouli, Vetiver, Nagarmotha etc. if sesquiterpenes are converted to there respective oxides then they are really responsible for mellodious odor of same oils. Like in case of Patchouli, alfa and beta Patchouline when converted to there oxides they give nice pleasant saffron, ambery odor.In case of Vetiver, alfa and beta vetivene gives true vetiver odor which resembles, alfa vetivone. In case of nagarmotha Cyprene which is major sesquiterpene gives series of compounds with characteristic oriental notes resembling Agarwood"
  2. wog
    Plan to go to KSA in march. May increase my stash if finances permit. Having so little of Kalakassi and Taqueel and knowing that stocks are limited I'm reluctant to use them as much as I would like.

    Incidently Bluemoon, my purchase of both these oils are due to your efforts and the kind assistance of Taha and his brother so once again thanks.
  3. MrP
    This is in contrast to lighter weight molecules: ""Your doubt is very much valid. It holds good for many monoterpenes oil like citrus oils which are full of terpenes like Limonene which when oxidised, develop off-odor due to oxidation of same. This is the reason all citrus oils should be kept in closed containers in cool dark place."
  4. MrP
    And an interesting note on the effects of copper on storage: "If container of oil is copper than neutralize acids in same and odor becomes more smooth and enjoyable.In olden days people use to store such precious oils in copper or even some time gold containers to capture energy from sun in same oil. We our self are seeing nice results with copper containers kept with open lid (Covered with fine cloth for seration ).During Mogul era (500 years back) storage of such oils were always in such containers. Developing such special metal containers can be interesting.""
  5. bluemoon
    Pepper- I shouldn't have written "put away". It would have been clearer if I had written "stockpiled".

    Wog- You're very welcome. I, too, have often held back from using them.
    I hope you continue to enjoy them and that you're able to supplement your stash on your forthcoming trip :-)
  6. bluemoon
    MrP- I know someone who tried to sun some Hindi in a copper bowl. The oil turned green and it had a negative effect on the scent.
  7. MrP
    Yeah - I am not surprised - I get some greenish residue on bottle necks with metal caps, due to copper I suspect (verdigris, right?)
  8. acer3
    Bluemoon by extension, I would also like to thank you! Because it was thanks to you that Taha received a sample, and then thanks to him that I managed to get some Thaqeel as well! Hehehe so you could say, you were the founder of Thaqeel and what an Oud it is! Magnificent in every way possible!

    Bluemoon, other than Thaqeel and Kallakassi, do you have any information on any of their other top class Ouds? Or are these 2 Ouds the very best that ASAQ have?

    I can only imagine what they could have done with Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese, Vietnamese, etc Ouds had they been given the chance ... I can only imagine ...
  9. divinemama
    Such a fine line between wanting to use sparingly highly coveted oils and the desire to use them before they turn. Ah life!
  10. peppermua
    thanks Bluemoon.
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