Agarwood oil thread.

  1. bluemoon
    Bravo and many thanks jr0!!! Your lucid, vivid and engaging descriptions give me a sense of what both oils smell and "feel" like, and I would be comfortable making a purchasing decision based on your pithy portrayals.
    Well done!
  2. jr0
    Thank you bluemooon - coming from you I consider that a rave review review!
  3. tahasyed
    Just smelled Arabian Oud's Cambodi Moattaq - someone sent a sample my way.
    I referred to Bun Tad Thai ouds before (right at the border of Thailand and Cambodia), and this fits the profile exactly.

    Slightly medicinal, opens with an intense fruit-bubblegum sweetness (bitter-sweetness of fruit just over-ripened). Slight spiciness of clove buds, and a bit plasticy.
    No real off notes, but nothing too exciting either.
  4. divinemama
    Thanks for the reviews, jr0 and Taha. So nice to get on this morning to find entertaining and informative reviews of oud.
  5. AZsmells
    I actually prefer Assam Black over Assam Kinam. Assam Black to me is more powerful and instead of the typical "barnyard" I get more of a horse with a fine leather saddle. The drydown of Assam Kinam may be somewhat more mysterious than Black but I don't get any sourness.

    I finally got samples of Thaqeel and Kalakassi and will test them out.
    Also I ordered the sample pack from Oudselect. I can't find reviews of them anywhere on here.
    Has anyone tried the new UNS Borneo #90 and also the current UNS Irian Jaya Select? I've heard good things about the past UNS Borneo's but haven't heard anything about the new one.
  6. tahasyed
    DM... I'm revisiting retail (i.e. Big House) ouds after a long time (with a couple of exceptions), and it's shocking how adulterated they smell.
    It's like they're cheap <$100/tola ouds sweetened with that whatsitcalled synthetic sweetener that a lot of perfumes contain.

    Worse than QT's stuff in my opinion. They smell greasy and cut, while these smell raw and abrasive - with an attempt to cover that up with the sweetener.
  7. Delmar
    I just noticed a most interesting item in Oriscent's Sample page.

    @jr0, thanks for the insightful comparison of Assam Kinam and Assam Black.
  8. acer3
    Ahhh yes indeed Delmar. $150 bux for a sample of the new Kyara ... I wonder how much you get though ... 0.3ml as usual?
  9. jr0
    @acer3 The label says 0.5 ml.
    EDIT: .5 grams actually.
  10. kc3dl
    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Al-Khidr, I actually did trace this discussion all the way back to the very beginning. I started reading it a little over a year ago. What prompted me to stick my toe in the water, so to speak, was an inquiry about Kyara Koutan a few pages back. I had been looking for any impressions or experiences with this oil, but to no avail! Not many people have tried it. Last week I finally broke down and got it. (Either the sample has not been available then, or I somehow missed it.) Anyway, I thought that if anyone wanted some feedback on this oil, albeit feedback from a relative novice, I would be happy to share my thoughts. Abdul, thank you for the invitation, but I managed to acquire a small sample of some kind of "attar" from QT's store...and that was enough .
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