Agarwood oil thread.

  1. kc3dl
    Bluemoon- my avatar image is the thumbnail mimicry of the official film poster for "The Fall". If you are at all curious, I recommend googling it just to see it's full size counterpart. It's absolutely stunning, imho. Excellent film, as well.
  2. abubakr_al-misky
    Thanks again to all for you kind words and du'a. We have decided to name her Ramlah. Ramlah is the name of Umm Habibah if any one knows about Ilsamic history.

    Curius if the Assam Black has a distinct Haflong note to it? Havnt smelled as I dont care for Oriscnts Indian Ouds. Well they are definatly quality just not usually my favorite. I have an opinion that the great Hindis like Cambodis are long gone and will not resurface unless some royal person decideds to sell there secret stock, or we give those Indian trees some time to flurish.
  3. RashidD
    Shaykh simon, alf mabrook (thousand congrats) for Ramlah. ALLAH accept for her for the service of His Religion, ameen.
  4. kc3dl
    Beautiful name! Congratulations on your family addition, abubakr_al-misky.

    Have you tried Oudhasi's Assam 15 year? It seems like you have had quite a bit of experience with Indian ouds, and I would like to know what you think about that one.
  5. bluemoon
    kc3dl- You were brave to leap into Kyara Khoutan without the benefit of other's reviews :-) Thanks for forging ahead, especially because of the hefty expense.
    How would you describe it? Have you tried any other ouds to which you could compare it? I hope you'll share your thoughts. Your feedback would be much appreciated.
  6. acer3
    To those who were waiting for my review of Thaqeel please understand that the only reason I didn't write a review is because I am afraid I wouldn't do it justice ...

    It is one of a kind Oud.
  7. dredmahawkus
    I tried maybe 30 or so big houses ouds... Ajmal Ao ASAQ and the only 4 I like are thaqeel kalakassi AO cambodi mattak and the old version of ASAQ cambodi mattak which I can't find anymore!
    Like taha said it's like they perfume them way way too much! The sweet ones are too perfumed andthe smoked ones are just off!
    ASAQ had the best quality ouds..... But now it's like they have all new ouds and they all changed to this burnt rubbery mess! It's too bad ASAQ was my favorite of the big houses but now they suck like the rest!

    If anyone knows a nice sweet cambodi from the big houses that actually smells like sweet cambodi please let me know!
  8. dredmahawkus
    Btw rasasi Swiss Arabian al haramian to me are just junk! All way to perfumed!
  9. divinemama
    That is just sad, Taha. May you continue to find the best oud available to you and continue to offer them to us!
  10. divinemama
    If/when someone buys a sample of Kyara Koutan, please let us know how full was your vial...1/3 ml?

    Yes please, kc3dl, let us know your thoughts on Kyara Koutan. Go for it! :-)
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