Agarwood oil thread.

  1. bluemoon
    If anyone is interested in ordering Abdul Samad al Qurashi dehen al oudhs and mukhallats at extremely competitive prices, please PM me and I will send you the contact information. Not affiliated.
  2. tahasyed
    @Azsmells - good catch!
    I had previously associated the beeswax smell in Tuk Kmum with styrofoam, but I think beeswax would be more accurate.

    The problem is... a lot of Cambodian ouds are mixed with things like wax, paraffin etc, so generally that note appearing in an oil would trouble me, especially with oils that are coming from the Middle East. But then again, Micah and the rest of the Oudimentary crew are connoisseurs, and surely they would make sure their oils are pure.
  3. agarwoodindonesia
    About cow's and buffaloes smell oil, I do have same experience this time it's an oil from Bangka. I visit my mentor few months back he showed me greenish, avocado fruit like oil, and the opening smell is ..... Horse Urine !!!! Then it becomes bitter yet mint medicinal, after few minutes it becomes sweet and calm. The amazing thing is this oil is very sticky on my skin even after half day with motorcycle ride( I wear it on my wrist ) it still there, but only the sweet smell is there. My mentor said it is sent from Bangka by his colleague, it was soak for 1- 2 month and the result is that monstrous oud. The Amazing thing is there is a demand for such oud.
  4. agarwoodindonesia
    But not all Bangka Oud smell like that, the real smell of Bangka oud is sweet buttery like or I was thinking of sweet condensed milk.
  5. tahasyed
    Yeah, quite a few BNers have tried Sumatran oud. Urine is quite accurate, although I can't confidently add the 'horse' prefix. Perhaps because I haven't smelled too specimens of horse urine. : p

    I can imagine its either the fact that the wood was soaked, or the fact that the guy maybe doesn't clean his distillation unit properly after each run, that imparts this smell.

    I don't care for Indonesian oud that's been soaked. It just doesn't work well; but I guess the poor distillers have the economics of cost and quantity to consider.
  6. AZsmells
    Awesome I just heard from Micah that there will be more Tuk Kmum in a few months.
  7. Delmar
    That sounds like promising news, Abdul_Qa'im! I'd gladly pay double what I paid if I could get rid of those "rotting wet notes" in that recent distillation of the Double Super Grade. I think Amit's sandalwood oil is great (has anyone tried a recent version?) so I look forward to following this one.
  8. Abdul_Qa'im
    Azmells, do you know whether Oudimentary has any CFO left? That's one Cambodi I really liked. Even with the price rise to $145, it would still be worth it. A great oil for the price, IMHO ...
  9. agarwoodindonesia
    I have friends who distill other EO, I also join a forum for EO in Indonesia, one day there is a question from a member stating : "what is the different between distilling fresh (wet) VS dry? And why you people prefer dry then wet. " and here is the answer: " Distilling fresh or wet material is often use in several types of EO such as Ginger, palmarosa and Flowers EO, yet we don't use method in i.e. Patchouli (many patchouli distiller join this forum). Since there is a difference between fresh (wet) material and dry material, the main problem of fresh(wet) material are we need more energy to boil the water into steam and then made the steam to break the cell of the plant and diffuse the EO out. So it will cost higher both in fuel and time." A lesson from this question and answer is in Oud this matter imply. That is why I prefer not to soak my wood in forthcoming distillation it will also oxidize the EO that is impregnated in the wood.
  10. tahasyed
    wet = soaked?
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