Agarwood oil thread.

  1. acer3
    Yeah I think you're right Taha ... I can't say I like it very much to be honest ...
  2. acer3
    I actually purchased it from this ebay seller in Singapore ... buy it now price was like $130 bux and he had one on auction which I purchased for $50 hehehe
  3. tahasyed
    See, the name sorta gave it away to be honest. Usually, the people who sell so-called 'Royal Grade' are typically either these Singapore guys (you know, the whole triple quadruple-super story), or distillers who sell standard/low grade ouds.
    $130 for $50. A steal at any rate, if the oud is wearable I guess!
  4. acer3
    hehehe yeah

    well it's ok'ish to wear i guess
  5. MrP
    It's funny but some ouds I have gotten from the Singapore guys can hold their own against any ouds I have sampled from anyone else. There's one Singapore guy who I avoid like the plague, but I got stuff from others that is on par with Borneo Kinam and any ouds I have seen from anywhere else. Had to pick and choose though... admittedly, that was about 8 years ago, too.
  6. acer3
    Lucky you then huh
  7. RashidD

    Uploaded with

    New laos oud i got today. They are two different grades, the top one being higher.
    I'd appreciate any comments or expertise anyone can throw my way.
  8. Delmar
    My sample of Oudhasi's Assam Superior, unused for months, had a drop or two left in the vial. I've been testing it again lately and was surprised at how much better it seems since my first sampling. Complex, balanced, smooth - even sophisticated - with a leathery/musky/barnyard/floral and a touch of that 'oudh resinousity'. What more can you ask for in an Indian oud? I ordered yet another sample (which couldn't be more reasonably priced) ... I'm thinking this is one oud that will age nicely.
  9. Dandy Powder
    Dandy Powder
    Hello everyone. Hope you are all well. (Acer, can you send that link to the other thread you mentioned before - I forgot to mark it).

    I've a lot to catch up on (anyone care to summise what's new/what's hot?). My children weren't very well and now I have some kind of stomach bug. Even looking at the computer screen is tiresome. My son was getting ready to attend the Friday prayers and as he kissed me goodbye I caught a wonderful whiff of some oud - it was then I remembered the forum and my wanting to discover some new scents.

    Well, a good weekend to all of you, blessed Juma'ah, and hopefully I'll be back to join your great thread once this bug has left me and the oud bug has returned.

    M x
  10. soa247
    Salaam to all. New to this forum. Have learnt much and no doubt much more to learn. Taha where can I find your 'store' - online or otherwise? (hope this doesn't breach any rules? Also, is "Sharif's 50 year old Burmese Oud" still available. Finally can anyone share views or comment on the 100% Pure Cambodi Gold "Ateeq" (Agarwood) 3ml from agarscentsbazaar. Thanks so much in advance.
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