Agarwood oil thread.

  1. divinemama
    Harper, I recommend sampling the 3 ouds Taha currently has listed. They are worth the price.
  2. harper
    yup, mr. acer, it does (help, that is :-)

    thank you for all the links!!
    (do you also have a link for a good cambodian oil??
    if so, pray let me know...)

    and divinemama, yes, i think i will do just that .

  3. harper
    another question: anyone tried oudselect's borneo black (or b. gold or b. mist, for that matter?)

    what are they like?

  4. tahasyed
    @Harper, azsmells has tried OudSelect's oils, so you can ask him for his thoughts. I don't think too many other people here have tried them.
  5. MrP
    Harper - the best Borneo for the money I have seen is from oudline - their Malinau (Borneo origin) is a NICE oil - a tad rough, but improves greatly with aging / oxidation. I will post the contact email in a follow up post. It has notes I have only found in oils 3x the price. I believe it is around $90 per 1/4 tola, which is an absurdly good deal, given the alternatives. Definitely an oil to squirrel away while you can.
  6. MrP
    Here's a contact for oudline:

    Ahmed K Chowdhury
  7. tahasyed
    MrP, their current batch is different now. I liked the first one the best (which I would have gladly bought loads of), but they were out of it when I first found out about it. Just got a few droplets. This one had the truest Malinau character.

    The second batch is the one you, bluemoon and others got some of. That one was okay, but got smoother with age.

    The current batch is, unfortunately, a bad specimen. Crude, slightly petroly, and has an almost Hindi barnyardiness. Does *not* work well with Bornoes!
    @Harper, if you plan to get some, I'd strongly advise getting a sample first. Mr Ahmed sent me a sample, and I don't care for it.

    Do you remember the batch # from the sticker MrP?
  8. tahasyed
    MrP, have you tried Rafiudin's (Jujur Mujur) or Alfa Al-Hajj's Tarakan Borneos?
    They're of the same quality as the Borneo you got from Oudline, but cheaper because Oudline (understandably) adds a profit margin to their price.
    You can get Alfa's for about $210/tola, and his oils are without a shadow of doubt 100% pure.

    They do, however, have that seediness & oiliness which you can't escape from, if the Borneo oud is from standard grade wood, or below.
    Does your Oudline still have the seediness or is it gone?
  9. tahasyed
    Here's Alfa's website:
    I believe OudSelect's stuff is either from Alfa or from Rafiudin (most likely the former; even the oils' names are nearly identical).

    Like I said, his oils are pure. He's as honest as honest can be. But it's standard grade stuff though, so don't expect a Borneo Kinam!
  10. MrP
    Taha - I have a quite recent and older puchase of the malinau. They are identical to my nose, and Ahmed has confirmed
    as much, that they are the same distillation. I don't know what early batch you refer to. The seediness is not pronounced like
    it is in other ouds I have smelled from this region. I can't stand that seediness if it is very strong. The current malinau is very balanced, and when slightly oxidized takes on some of the rich smoothness of the Borneo 3000 and the enticing twang of the old UNS borneos.

    I recall you saying a while back that you thought they had produced a new batch, but the folks at oudline don't agree. Not sure how to reconcile that - I have only smelled their malinau that has been stocked since this past summer (Northern hemisphere - August).
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