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  1. bluemoon
    Taha- In mid 2009 I received a sample of MLN6051500. The next distillation of Oudline's Malinau I received was labeled JN-KM6057500. Neither of these display(ed) barnyard notes that I associate with Hindi oils. Mr. Chowdhury told me JN--- was freshly distilled, which would account for a slight difference in aroma from the previous batch. However the wood from the second distillation was "same as before 100% pure from Malinau".
  2. acer3
    Aww man I'm rather enjoying Ajmal's Dhen Al Oud Maysam - it's a mixture of Indian, Cambodian and Indonesian Ouds. It is rather cheap as well, I dunno why, it is quite nice though
  3. tahasyed
    Even on overcast nights, the moon peers through every now and then. : )
    Thanks Bluemoon, seems the answer did lie in the sticker label, which I was certain was different.
    Here's the label for the latest batch (thanks to my brother for letting me use his iPhone):

    MrP, since your label ID's were the same (& the smell) as before, I would imagine you're referring to the JN-KM6057500, and not the OL-JN-KM-27.

    The 1st one, MLN6051500, had a perfect Malinau character. High top notes, some turpiness, very bright, and some resemblance to Malay Borneo oils (Malinau is not too far from the smell of Sarawak oils, which is the Malaysian part of Borneo).
    The 2nd one, JN-KM6057500, had a general Kalimantan profile. Less turpy, more resinous woody, sweet with a touch of bitterness..
    The 3rd one, OL-JN-KM-27,has Kalimantan-ness similar to the previous one, but has an inescapable barnyard character as well in the opening.
  4. tahasyed
    W.r.t. my doubts previously about the 2nd and 3rd batches' being from Malinau, it was primarily because of the smell. I'm sorry, but the second and third just don't have the Malinau signature profile. I'm not putting down the oil by saying this. It's like saying, for example, that Merauke oils don't smell like Borneos. They're just 2 different animals.
    OudLine's 2nd and 3rd batches smell more like a general Kalimantan oil (not North-East Kalimantan, but more like QT's DS Kalimantan). This seemed to be further reaffirmed by the fact that the 1st batch had MLN (Malinau?) in the label, while the latter two didn't, but had KM (Kalimantan?).
  5. tahasyed
    But you and/or Blue confirmed with Mr Ahmed, and he reassured us that the 2nd batch was also from Malinau. I do believe him. It's just that it doesn't possess a signature Malinau smell, is all.

    Remember we previously discussed that oils don't have to comply to regional boundaries? Well, there's no rule that says that the 'general'-smelling Kalimantan trees can't be found in Malinau as well. It's my firm conviction that these were the trees that were used for distilling batches 2 and 3.
  6. MrP
    Not sure I ever smelled that original batch. Wish I had, just so I could compare notes! Now, I wonder if there's someone in the US who carries the oils from soukalbadu. They have a golden berau, but I don't want to invest in a large quantity without sampling. I know some US resellers carry their oils - wish I knew who. I see that oudselect has a "golden Borneo" - wonder if this is the golden Berau? Many of their other oils seem to match the general descriptions / range that I see listed at soukalbadu.
  7. bluemoon
    Clever Ta :-)
  8. Organic1
    Interview with Oudline: Summarized
    RE: 100% pure from Malinau Oudh/Agarwood Oil
    Qustions: Still in Stock? From Malaysia? Aroma like old batch of MLN?
    Are oils mixed? Do Batch codes MLN, and KM refer to Malinau and Kalimantan?
    Questions are the gist, Answers Verbatim.
    Q:Still in Stock?
    A:The lot of Malinau oil batch number JN-KM6057500 is still continuing.
    Q: Is it from Malaysian Borneo?
    A:This oil is from Indonesian part of Borneo & name of the place is malinau. The smell is different then any other part of Borneo.
  9. Organic1

    Q: Does it smell similar to your old MLN batch?
    A:Yes it is similar to the old one except a little different in tone due to separate distillation.
    Q’s: Someone said the oils smell more like Kalimantan or one like an Indian Malay mixture.
    Do the MLN and KM codes stand for Malinau and Kalimantan?
    A:the number JN-KM6057500 is only one perfume & we have never 2 oil with 1 common number.
    These r our batch codes & not necesserily to be connected to the area.
    by the way the malinau is a part located in the Kalimantan of greater Borneo island.
  10. tahasyed
    Thanks Organic1.

    Mr Ahmed is quite right that Malinau is part of Kalimantan, which is part of Borneo. And he is quite right also, in stating that the smell is different from ANY other part of Bornean wood. There's a reason why the wood from Malinau is 2x more expensive than that of any other region in Borneo. And there's a reason why I picked Malinau wood for my custom distillation.

    Please see the magenta dots. That is what Oud Line's Malinau *actually* smells like. A generic East Borneo/Kalimantan oud. The red dot is what a Malinau oil is *supposed* to smell like.
    Organic1, you've smelled their previous MLN-xx-xx batch right? That's the famed Malinau scent, which sells for 2x the price of other ouds.
    And you've smelled the JL-x-xxxx batch too right... that's the one that smells like any of those magenta dots.
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