Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    Reading this conversation - a whole other level of agarwood planning...

    And another - a plantation project in Malaysia connected with Blanchette.

    So I guess they (U. of M.) are working outside of Vietnam as well. Interesting stuff about identification of the species being grown - looks like it requires DNA testing, and the agarwood species names given initially were not correct. Wonder how many people out there really have any idea of what species they are harvesting and selling!?
  2. bluemoon
    Mr.P- the post about selling the trees after 5 years so as not to have to worry about whether inoculation will be successful caught my eye. Prof. Blanchette affirms that most inoculation techniques are unsuccessful. Trygve Harris maintains that the successful development of agarwood in plantation trees is still not really understood (I assume she meant by most farmers).

    I've read a few Cites report which state that most distillers have no idea what species they are distilling because identification requires DNA testing. They state one of their challenges is:
    "Identification of agarwood products in trade (logs, branches, wood pieces, chips and flakes,
    powder/dust, oil and finished products) from 16 or more species. The Secretariat has been
    working with the University of Leiden to develop a molecular-based DNA identification kit to
    distinguish agarwood-producing taxa."
  3. MrP
    Likewise buying 5 year old trees, and only dealing with the 2 year inoculation and harvest process. Interesting intersection of business plans, I guess - each can be in theory budgeted for and managed for profit? 7 years though... that can't be resulting in very good oil. I understand that investment in things that won't pay out for 20 - 30 years is not something that is appealing, but it is too bad. Maybe some with longer-term plans (not just quick turnover) plant large areas with rotating harvests - wonder if its possible to stay afloat by harvesting one patch of 7 year old trees while patch B is given another 5 years, and so on, building up to 60 year cycles (!) like the timber industry in the US? Maybe this reveals how little I know...
  4. bluemoon
    I heard that a lot of farmers started plantations hoping to "get rich quick". Now many of those plantations are now up for sale because they were unsuccessful in their attempts to get the trees to produce resin.
    A whole industry has sprung up of inoculation kit manufacturers and another around consulting services, and since CITES has mentioned brand-naming products, I'm sure other marketing businesses will try to cash in on the agarwood craze as well.
  5. bluemoon
    wog: "Love for agarwood represents a fall in ones monthly savings". Page 5.

    I would have guessed "self restraint" :-)
  6. bluemoon
    "1 kg resinous wood sells at Rs 30000 or more.10 gm oil sells at Rs 3500 or more." (Rs30000= $650; Rs 3500 = $75.00). This was posted in 7/09 by a "consultancy service" that sells kits to inoculate trees in India. Since he's trying to sell his kits he's probably exaggerating, but I wonder if he's talking about the price price traders pay to farmers in the case of wood, or traders pay to distillers in the case of oil, or if he's saying that's the price agarwood/oud is sold for in the local shops. I'm thinking about the markup.
  7. acer3
    Would anyone like to post photo's of their Ouds? I for one would really enjoy viewing them!

    I accidentally applied some Thaqeel to the top of my lip while sniffing it, so then I tasted it lol ... I gotta say, it tastes pretty nice hehehe
  8. acer3
    To those who have Thaqeel, how long does the scent last for on your skin?
  9. dredmahawkus
    does anyone put oud on a certain spot on your clothes everyday? I put some on the same spot on my work shirt everyday...and it dosent totally wash can smell it when it comes out of the its like 8 different ouds in one spot! does it ever wash off?
  10. abubakr_al-misky
    I usually apply it close to my neck like on my color.
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