Agarwood oil thread.

  1. illmOnk
    royal borneo- you know, i have a drop of that left. it was my first borneo. the only hindis i remember from that period are 'oud shuyukh', 'pure indian', and an 'sp' (?). one could check the archives...
  2. tahasyed
    Ah yes, that was actually my first exposure to an Oriscent Borneo as well.
    Has yours changed much? I remember it had the strongest pesticide/turpy note I remember smelling in any Borneo. I'm quite positive it was from the Nunukan region, just given how strong that note was.

    The Indian.... see, I'm actually thinking it was the SP. However it came in a fat golden-casket bottle, and not the silver type shown on the archived website. I just found it surprising (and enjoyable) that a Hindi would have that strong bitter Borneo note.
  3. dredmahawkus
    I have been wearing koh kong for like 2 weeks now almost everyday. I put a couple drops on my neck... I put a drop on my left forearm.... But I leave the right forearm to test or try one of my gazillion samples I feel like trying that night. Well I don't know if it's because the koh kong is super thick..... Or if I baked the oud into my skin from the sun? But it dosent matter how many showers I take or how many times I wash and scrub my arms I have a permanent koh kong smell in my left arm! I wash my arms like 10 times a day! I do dirty work sometimes and wash my arms with heavy grease removing cleaner.... And still I can always smell cambodi! I think I really like it!
  4. divinemama
    That's quite a testimony for the tenacity of Koh Kong, dred. I really like Koh Kong also.
  5. Organic1
    speaking about old Oriscent Ouds, I have a drop of Oriscents Oud Shuyukh '07
    it is not at all fecal or smokey in any way, to me it actually smells like very sweet Deer Musk
    the aroma is quite captivating, am I way off base here or pretty close.
    I did sniff the Oud Shuyukh '03 and found it to be more smokey kinda harsh, but very diffusive.
    All the Shuyukh series seemed to be very different from one another, and when new releases
    came it was mostly described as being more fecal.
  6. Organic1
    Koh Kong, sounds more like King Kong, or Double Shot (not expresso, but the real deal Turkish), Double Super.
  7. dredmahawkus
    Koh kong is just about as thick as thaqeel! You try to spread a drop on but it's so thick it didn't spread very well. I love it! Might be my 2nd favorite cambodi. I been wearing it every day for like 3 weeks I can't get enough of it!
    I like how it's kinda fruit muted... The fruit is there but not in your face.... Then mellows to a nice cambodi smell.
    And it's not like montale loud..... Like I wish this stuff was off me! It stays a long time but pretty close to the skin. It's wonderful!
  8. illmOnk
    organic, i'm no longer sure about the years, but i've ordered them (the shuyukh) in my mind according to the order of their release. i go back three shuyukhs. my favorite is the second (probably 2007). it's not very barnyardy- straight, classic hindi sweetness from the moment of application. though off the stick it was super funky. the latest one i found closest to sulaiman. it evolves much more. has good funk, but quickly switches to sweetness. i think abdul qaim can provide a more accurate descrip on the 2003 shuyukh. it was my first intro, and i was like- people like this stuff? but the more time i spent away from it the more i yearned to smell it again. it was an interesting experience. ...from the point of application on, however, i don't find harshness in any of them.
  9. Organic1
    Assam Black vs Tom Ford Oud (Now available in pure concentrated oil form)
    Oriscent add excerpt: From Assam Black
    (I wonder what Tom Ford would have to say about this one!)
    (I wonder what Ensar-Oriscent would have to say about this one!)

    Has anyone ever tried Tom Ford Oud?

    I really think Ensar should send Tom a sample of Assam Black to see what Tom would have to say.
  10. acer3
    Yeah I've tried Tom Ford's Oud wood. The oud in it is very minimal and dare I say smells kind of synthetic? It's a blend of ingredients ... created as a western styled scent ... I can't say I like it ...
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