Agarwood oil thread.

  1. acer3
    Taha, how would you say your Koh Kong Oud oil would compare to Oriscent's Cambodi Cacoa? Are they similar to one another?
  2. YouNight
    Thanks, bluemoon!

    MrP; thanks for your thoughts on ambergris tinctures for diluting oud. Interesting, too, that you've found that it works nicely with Borneo ouds, in particular.

    By the way, in response to:
    "I know I'm a bit of a broken record about dilution..."
    I'm glad you have been. Had you mentioned it only once, the inspiration to give it a go might not have taken root, for me.
  3. bluemoon
    I was generously gifted a few granules of an agarwood and gold ambergris incense. The first time I burned some using Shoyeido's portable burner, the scent of agarwood suffocated the ambergris. The second time, using an electric burner on a very low setting, the ambergris burst out as though just freed from captivity. Until this little experiment I didn't realize what a huge difference temperature can make when burning.

    I don't mind if you wear a groove in that record, Mr. P. Even though I've experienced the benefits of diluting, I forget to do it. A reminder is always welcome.
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    what bcool about ambergris and indonesian oud is that many times they are sold together and ambergris and oud can both be found in indonesia. i really dig mixing 3/4 part ambergris tincture and 1/4 part rose oil , it never gets tireing.
  5. tahasyed
    acer3, I'm afraid I'm not in the best of positions to do that.
    Maybe someone else who's tried both oils can do the honors. : )
  6. YouNight
    bluemoon; so is the scent of burning ambergris pretty similar to how it smells in a tincture, or in its 'raw' form?
    Having not ever seen nor smelled a piece of ambergris, I got my best-yet whiff of ambergris yesterday after using a plastic dropper to extract the few drops from the tincture bottle. There was a sticky residue left on the outside of the dropper, and of course I had to smell my fingers after touching it. In the tincture, it can be such a subtle, and almost fleeting, scent. But that sticky residue really gave me a clear 'glimpse' into its lovely, sweet, oceanic and slightly animalic aroma. Is that how it smells when burning?
  7. YouNight
    abubakr; the ambergris tincture and rose oil combo sounds fantastic. I'll give it a try.
    I've yet to try a Taif oil, and I'd love to find a great one. I assume that's what you usually use? I've read some of your (and Taha's) posts about the really good 'n' citrusy Taif oils. Are there any that are currently available that you'd (or Taha'd) recommend?
    ...and a related question; since Taif crops (and any flower, really) will vary from year to year, do you find that certain vintages are better than others? I mean, from a given distiller/company, do you ever notice a difference from batch to batch?
  8. bluemoon
    Younight: Different pieces of ambergris smell different. One factor is age, and pieces are often graded by color. Black and gray are on the more animalic side; white and gold are sweeter and mellower. The dominant notes were seafaring - salt-encrusted and mineralic marine deritus belched up by the sea, suffused with unselfconscious but not unpleasant animalic overtones. To my nose it smelled extremely close to some tinctures I've tried. I noticed that the agarwood in the blend seemed unusually rich. I wonder if it's scent was amplified by the ambergris, as it would be in a liquid perfume.
  9. bluemoon
    Oudline's site is up and running. Below is the link to the "Dehnul Oud" oil list and price descriptions:

    Happy surfing :-)
  10. tahasyed
    @YouNight: For rose oils, Abu_Bakr's your guy.

    Blue -
    Do you mean the ambergris amplified the 'volume' of the oud, or surfaced certain notes in the oil?

    I made a little tincture of Cambodian & Borneo ouds, with a dose of nagarmotha. Lubly, lubly! I know nag's not your thing. : p
    Any way, I didn't add any ambergris to it, but its surprising how some sweet notes are emerging in the tincture. And, surprisingly, how long the scent lasts.
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