Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    Just 1/2 a drop, acer. I didn't notice anything unusual about its longevity. Smelled great - had these poplar notes I hadn't smelled in Cambodian oils before. Kind of like a very dense CFO or KSSS with a hair of the Green Papua and a certain sweet quality found in some of my finer wood chips. Very pleasnt!
  2. peppermua
    Al-Khidr you use "big house" oud?

    Isn't that OT here?
  3. Al-Khidr
    Oh, is it? My bad. uhhh... What I meant was... See, but... errrr... How about that Thaqeel!

    PS -- I use anything that works.
  4. acer3
    Lol nice change of subject Al-Khidr

    Eitherway I think you were talking about Oud Al-Khidr so all is well.

    Anyways guys, in regards to Thaqeel, how many hours does it last for on your skin?

    Gimme a number to work with here ... 8 hours? 10 hours?
  5. MrP
    What's wrong with big house oud?
  6. acer3
    Lol that sounded like a new Oud. "Oud Al-Khidr"

  7. acer3
    pepper, stop with your witch cauldron stirring with every thread you enter ... enough is enough!

    you've caused one too many problems since the day you've entered ...

    contribute constructively and speak when you actually have something worth mentioning ... stop with all the nonsense chatter ...
  8. divinemama
    LOL Al-Khidr!

    acer, obviously I have not tried Thaqeel yet, but doesn't longevity of any oud depend on one's skin chemistry and other factors? Perhaps that is why people are hesitant to answer your query. BTW, how long does it last on your skin, acer? That is probably the only way you will be able to tell how long it truly will last.
  9. divinemama
    "Oud Al-Khidr"

    giggles, acer!
  10. MrP
    One of my prized oils is an Ajmal. They had something called Cambodhi Kadeem. It was a steal. It is no thaqueel but has the absolute nicest spicy woody dry down of any of my ouds. They ran out in ~2001 I think. Should have bought a couple tolas...
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