Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Ok so about my blend which I created last night and used it today.

    First half an hour, I got a full rose therapy from the ward taifi then afterwards I got like full blast of different Ouds then afterwards it's all the musk I can smell with slight traces of the Ambergris as well. + 5 hours since application and I'm still radiating! Amazing how each oils character comes shining through! Like how you read a book and the story unfolds itself, the same with the blend I made. First it's like, chapter 1 - The beauty of Rose, chapter 2 - The majesty of Ouds, chapter 3 - The potency of Musks and the elegance of Ambergris (, chapter 4 ??? etc ...)
  2. dredmahawkus
    mrP I think you should have to write a disclamer after everything you write!!!
  3. bluemoon
    Mr.P.: A test? Uh-oh! If I promise to wash out your distillation equipment for a month can I get out of taking it?
  4. MrP
    I included one. Here it is "Now, before anything silly happens...". etc. We need more and more emoticons!

    Disclaimer: do not take too seriously
  5. MrP
    Bluemoon - oud nerds crave oud tests. They take them in their spare time. Like doing a crossword puzzle. It's a lifestyle thing. Now, stop pretending. You are the Alpha Nerd - you cannot hide your identity.

    Disclaimer: do not take too seriously
  6. evogel
    Acer, I have some Oudselect samples which I will gladly review once I get rid of the massive congestion from this cold I've got.
    I can't smell or taste anything and of course you know that oud has got to taste good as well as smell good for us to give it a thumbs up. :-)
    You nerds!
  7. evogel
    The other Oudhasi oils are nice IMO. The Assam Superior you have while still nice IMO is a cultivated oil while the others are supposedly wild.
    You need to look at the Flora, the Haflong and the 15yr Assam for something good. The Lao Superior is very nice too and it is quite similar to Enfleurage's Lao which makes me think it is from the Bolisat people. Maybe they are from different distillations?
  8. MrP
    Evogel or others: how does the oudhasi assam superior compare to Taha's sweet hindi, if anyone here has had the chance to compare? I actually have a sample of the Oudhasi, but have not tried Taha's assams. Thanks.
  9. dredmahawkus
    I have tried Taha's but not oudasis.

    Tahas to me is good....indian opening note to sweet hay note.....its good....but IMO not as good as indian spice.....indian spice rocks my world!

    I am so affraid to try thaqeel....once I do I know its going to break the bank!

    just like I am getting King Fahad and prince diamini samples....This is going to hurt! from what I am told there are no better mukhallats then these 2!
  10. peppermua
    What happened to your members only oud nerd thread Mr. P? It had a short life!
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