Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. dredmahawkus
    that is what I am wearing today Borneo bloom...I love it on cloth! sweet creamy and earthy all in one! its nice on cloth.

    I have that on my shoulder of my shirt...another borneo on my other shoulder....cambodhi atteq on one arm ...the gaoline smelling same borneo bliss on the other I can smell the same 2 side by side on cloth and skin....ASAQ aged smoked cambodhi on my shirt...and some on my neck...oh and maylay royal on my body...let me tell ya I have one HUGE agar aura going on right now! kind of a waste having so much on...I just hope my incense comes in the mail today....I bought some japanese jinkoh sticks to hold me over till I get some chips and a burner and charcoal.....I hope it even resembles the oil.....
  2. MrP
    That's quite an array. Each gust of wind brings you a different scent. Sounds nice. That Malay Royale smelled nice to me but I only smelled a tad. I wish I knew what you meant about the gasoline scent - I don't connect with that description, but I've smelled most of the oils you describe, so I wonder what the note is you are referring to. Coming up with a common language for scent is no small task.
  3. dredmahawkus
    I mentioned in an earlier post...for some reason ALL borneos I have tried....turn into a gasoline smell on my skin...i dont know why no other oud does I put some on my shirt and some on my shirt smells fantastic! my arm smells like I spilled gasoline on it. I have no idea why it does that with my skin.

    anyone else have that problem with any other kind of oud?
  4. MrP
    Ok - what % of the ouds in your collection show some crystallization or wax precipitation?

    I would say 2 out of 20 in my collection, and the very cheapest oils.
  5. bluemoon
    Divinemama: It's the kind of "leathery" sweetness experienced when nuzzling in a cat's fur combined with the drier sweetness of mellow woods.
  6. bluemoon
    MrP- only 1 has "crystallized"- RK's new King Oud which I just received. After putting it under a lightbulb for a few hours the "crystallization" disappeared but some brown sediment settled to the bottom of the bottle. Amit said the crystallization was caused by cold temperatures (experienced in shipment?), but other oils that I've refrigerated never crystallized, clouded or gummed up.
  7. bluemoon
    Dred- Areej's Kamboudi Maliki has a faint note of gasoline, and Oriscent's Burmese Kinam is saturated with it.
  8. divinemama
    Thank you bluemoon, your description of Borneo Kinam and Uns Borneo No 1's sweetness sounds wonderful.

    I do not know if Agaraura's Borneo Bloom is a mild oud or if I am just getting used to pure oud. I put a generous amount on each forearm and I just a lovely woody scent. Your musty woods description fits. Perhaps his next Borneo will be closer to Borneo Kinam and UNS Borneo?

    BTW, I love the smell of gasoline, perhaps I should try some Burmese Kinam. Unfortunately, neither Borneo Kinam or Burmese Kinam are included in Oriscent's current sampler.
  9. MrP
    The Borneo Bloom is kind of mild - very much so in comparison to Lao or Hindi ouds that are more shocking to the senses. As far as Borneos go, the bloom has a little more edge to it than many I have smelled (note I have only smelled 4 or 5 decent Borneo oils in my life, so I am no expert). The UNS were smoother - denser, stayed closer to the skin. Again, there is a certain tangible tobacco note in the Bloom I have not encountered in the other oils which to me strengthens its initial impact a bit. Taha says it is something he has seen in oils he has sampled that were labeled as originating from central Borneo.
  10. divinemama
    It looks like Burmese Kinam is no longer even offered on Oriscents site.

    I get a slight gasoline like note in the opening of Agaraura's Thai oil. Is that the note you get from Burmese Kinam, bluemoon? Or from your Borneo's on your skin, dred?
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