Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Will do Evogel
  2. dredmahawkus
    I know this happens all the time...but tonight i went from really like to love with Tahas cambodi calambac......I appreciated that it is probably the most evolving oud i have smelled so far....but tonight it blew me away how it smells like dark chocolate so smooth...then starts to spice up and trasnforms into classic cambodhi smell so smoothly. The more I wear this one the more I love the transformation! definatly an excellent and different one to have in someones collection! if you havent tried it I highly recommend it! you will love how this one evolves! I have a feeling this one will age really well. like its only going to get smoother!
  3. Al-Khidr
    Acer3: Lol re: your salmon contingent!

    I am definitely an oud nerd wannabe. It is sad how this single botanical phenomenon has captured so many parts of my imagination, and so much of my loot to boot! But few substances manage to call up so much of the human sojourn. Well, there is beer. I think practically every ancient culture on earth, except maybe the the Austrailian aboriginals, shows evidence of having made a fermented item that we would call beer. And it turns out that even oud is often fermented, no?

    ps -- bluemoon. I don't remember if I ever used the term leitmotif, but i have referred to the oud sruti. Leitmotif is a good one tho!
  4. peppermua
    dred, aside from me is there anyone who HASN'T tried it? lol.
  5. bluemoon
    A-K: Sruti! That was it! Must make a note of it ;-)
  6. Al-Khidr
    Hey, Pepp. I have yet to try any of Taha's marvelous specimens. I think they will be my next serious purchase tho, after I've saved up a bit. All the raving, drooling, fainting, and soiling of pants on this board, though, have convinced me that they will be good purchases almost regardless of what I get!
  7. Al-Khidr
    The indian spice sounds especially irresistable, thanks to the ceaseless praises of one dredmeister. i must not miss it!
  8. peppermua
    I was totally joking when I said that to dred by the way you know that right? dred you sound like a 2 am infomercial sometimes lol

    I know i have my eye on something but i don't want samples just half or full bottles.
  9. dredmahawkus
    dont you ever wear something you think its ok...but then you put it on and catches you off guard how much better you think it is like a month later? I am having one of those moments!

    yeah A-K before I even read your 2nd post I was like..."he better be thinking about indian spice!!!!" lol

    I wore it today earlier....everyone at work was laughing at me cuz I kept smelling myself!

    I have now gone through half a 1/4 tola in like a month of owning this rate i am going to have to get like 5 tolas for back up! I might have to start saving! I have a 1/4 back up bottle.....I hope Tahas new batch is the same! he restocked! I really have to get some more before its gone! I freakin love it!
  10. dredmahawkus
    just wait till you read my review on his site about it....I havent finished has taken me weeks to write this! about my secret love affair with indian spice!
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