Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. Al-Khidr
    Dred -- it is a joy for me to hear of anyone who finds anything wholesome that makes them this happy... I'm sure Taha must be pleased as well that his stock rocks the socks off all the flocks.
  2. peppermua
    lol @ dred and al-khidr!
  3. evogel
    Can anyone compare/contrast Oudhasi's 15yr aged Hindi to Kalakassi? Certainly 15yrs vs. 80 or 100 is gonna be different but I get the idea that they may be quite similarly smooth and refined.
  4. peppermua
    Is the 15 year hindi the same noe as the 15 year assam? I like the assam, I only have a little sample of it but I like it. It doesn't last as long as you would think though...
  5. MrP
    Have you smelled the Kalakassi, evogel? It is unusual - very pleasant - a potent oud but without the fecal / rot notes found in the cheaper stuff. I don't think I have smelled the Oudhasi 15 year but from conversations I think I have smelled oils nearly identical to it. I think you would not end up putting these two oils into the same category without being told ahead of time that they were both Indian. The Kalakassi is so different - I am not sure where I would have guessed it originated from if I hadn't been told. I would have thought maybe it was some very special Malaysian or Indonesian oud - more for what it DOESN"T smell like than for what it DOES smell like.

    EDIT: I see you know kalakassi after all (other thread)
  6. MrP
    I wonder why so few outfits in Singapore have a presence on eBay? There's WNF, MingChina, Ham Firl - I know there is a huge market there of oud of all qualities. I occasionally search the eBay Singapore site, but without success. It surprises me!
  7. Abdul_Qa'im
    evogel, Oudhasi's 15 y.o. Assam is a really lovely, unmistakably Hindi oud. Kalakassi is unlike any Hindi I have ever smelled. It just doesn't fit the profile of any Hindi I have ever sampled. In fact, had I not already been informed that it was a Hindi, I don't think I could have guessed its origin.

    [Edit: Looks like MrP beat me to it ]
  8. evogel
    Thank you AQ and MrP. I have a sample of Kalakassi though I'm not sure if it's the 80 or 100 if that makes a difference at all.
    I do pick up a Hindi vibe..or maybe just imagine it knowing where the oil came from(!) but from memory, I agree that there is absolutely nothing barnyard/fecal about it at all. I almost thought it was uninteresting initially and too smooth if you can believe that.
    I need to revisit the sample when I can smell again. Sinusitis has a serious grip on me.
  9. dredmahawkus
    evogel from what I am told you have to put kalakassi on cloth....on the skin you can barely smell it...but on cloth its suposed to be amazing!
  10. MrP
    Evogel - very big difference (80 vs 100). They are based on my brief encounter quite different from each other. The 100 yo was truly muted the one time I got to try it - notes of Borneo camphor and old atlas cedar (poetically speaking). I would wear the 100 yo all the time if I could, mainly for its gentle subtlety. It seemed to me as different from the 80 yo as the 80 is different from Amits first batch we reviewed back in the good old days.
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