Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    If I may chip in my experience with Kalakassi, their were two salesmen in the store I attended. I personally asked for Kalakassi and so the younger store rep went to the VIP section to go and retrieve it (he was around 30'ish). He came back and told me, "Ahh so you know Kalakassi?" He was rather impressed about it. Anyways, the other salesmen (more like the store manager sort of guy) was sitting on on their chair's and reading the paper.
  2. acer3
    I noticed he looked over at us with a certain degree of disapproval in his eyes and with such a vibe as to inform his assailaint to be cautious with the oil and show restraint. Unfortunately in this regard he failed, the younger sales rep placed a FULL drop on my wrist. I rubbed onto my other wrist as well and then smelt it. From the very first wiff, I could clearly distinguish that it was an Indian Oud of the highest calibur! It was the finest Indian Oud I had ever tried (and still current till this very day). The rest is history but just wow was it an awesome Oud!

    I guess it would be rather expensive to let everyone try the oils. I wonder how much 1 drop of Kalakassi would cost? Possibly around $30 (maybe less, maybe more ...)? I'm just guessing here ...
  3. MrP
    Kalakassi! Yum!
  4. Igor01
    Love your new avatar, MrP

    Speaking of Kalakassi, does anybody else feel that it's too subtle and polite for its own good? I feel like I want to turn the volume waaay up. Or maybe the summer heat will make it sing at its full voice? I know it's been suggested already to apply it to clothes instead of the skin, but I don't like to do that - oils, even the timid ones like KK, can stay on fabric for a very long time and I like my clothes unscented so I can pick and choose whatever oud I feel like wearing on any given day.
  5. peppermua
    Igor I'm with you on that! the only scent I like on my clothes is laundry detergent!
  6. acer3
    Yeah I wouldn't have minded it to be a bit more stronger Igor1
  7. Abdul_Qa'im
    Did someone say troll?

  8. acer3
  9. Taz
    Sorry Acer but I don't see why we need to instigate on this thread. What little it may do I would still appreciate bblake if you would kindly remove your post.
  10. Taz
    Thanks Acer! I would have done so myself ;-) had the moderation tools allowed it.
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