Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Great video Abubakr, nice pronouncation on 'Aoud' as well hehehe

    By the way Abubakr, after you burn the charcoal. You should allow like 5 mins or so for the charcoal to form a layer of ash on the top (depending on the charcoal types - the times would vary) and for the charcoal to burn with less intensity.

    Guys remember, when burning Oud, what we are trying to acheive here is releasing the Oud's aroma without actually burning the wood. So as to say, apply enough heat to allow the scent to rise up but not to much heat to actually burn the wood all on contact. It is a very delicate fine tuning balance that you have to employ here.
  2. acer3
    Ohh and one more thing, when placing the Oud chip on the charcoal. Once you see the scent dies out, do not flick it over as this would have an adverse effect. Should you be curious and wish to do so, you would notice once you flick the Oud on the other side that the scent changes to a bad smell. Smokey, burnt, tarish are a few words to describe this aroma so don't flick your Oud on to the other side.

    Just place it on the charcoal and let it be. Once it dies out, remove it and place another chips on top.

    Hehehe Abubakr now you've got me tempted to go burn some Oud as well!

    Make some more videos Abubakr! I liked it!
  3. abubakr_al-misky
    Thanks acer. Yeh I actually like some burnt wood smell in there. I think it adds to the longevity of the scent. The smoke smell is in there for a few hours or so but when it goes away then the scent lingures for so long along with a littlle smoke smell which I prefer. I only would use some type of barrier if Ihad a real real high grade oud but then if I did it would defeat the purpose because something like kyara imo should not be used to scent anything rather the scent released from the kyara itself is the experience.
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    I only have 3 minutes on my camera to film so thats why i left alot info out, it is real breif and very basic but it is the prefered method I use.
  5. acer3
    Fair enough mate
  6. hawk
    thanx abubakr_al-misky I enjoyed the show too! Sometimes I put of piece of aluminum foil on top of the charcoal then place the chip, I am always trying to find a way to burn oud chips but without them touching the charcoal cuz when they're in direct contact I feel they burn faster and then they release that burnt wood smell!
  7. abubakr_al-misky
    Yeh useing a barrier on the oud works to but for me I prefer the full on smoke from the resin and wood, well as long as the oud itself is high enough quality. For some reason I feel the smoke from the wood makes the resin smell stick better. If it is cheaper oud then useing a barrier or electric burner for me would be better so as I only get the resin secnt.
  8. divinemama
    Cool, thanks for posting abubakr!
  9. hawk
    electric burners are one of the best inventions ever (for oud or incense burning that is)
  10. abubakr_al-misky
    hawk - the electric burners are pretty nice but they also give different results in scent. The electric burners tend to not get hot enough to burn the wood like a charcoal does so you get more of just the resin scent which many people may prefer. The charcoal will give you the smokey scent which others prefer. I jave heard though that there are some electric burners that have temp regulators and can get hot enough to burn up the wood.
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