Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Yeah and he had quite a collection as well. Basically he was explaining how Oud is formed, the different types of Ouds, how to use Oud oil, how to use the Oud chips to scent your clothes, the different ways in which you can wear Oud, and I forgot the rest cause like I'm really tired lol but I have some things I need to do at uni before it starts.
  2. dredmahawkus
    how come he wouldnt let the woman talk? anytime she wanted to say something he would just talk over her?
  3. Manuel
    Ok! You guys got me started! As I was telling Acer3 via PM a few days ago: I'm trying to convince myself to not be totally reckless and just blow a load of cash on Thaqeel and Kalakassi. I have a feeling that once I try them I'll fall in love and end up springing for a tola of each and feeling like an ass for a few days! :-P
    I've read the praises for Taha's oils -perhaps I ought to take that route instead for the time being.
  4. dredmahawkus
    well the only one of them I havent tried yet is kalakassi...and I know this really isnt help but I want them all! how can you choose what one is better then the other....obviously thaqeel and kalakassi are wonderful...but agaraura is really good advice would be buy them all! love them all!
  5. abubakr_al-misky
    Manuel go for it. Go to Taha first. Get the Indian Spice and then the Cambodi Ateeq if he still has it and if not go for the Cambalac.
  6. Manuel
    Any word on the Classic Indian and Bornean Bloom?

    My first love is Indian ouds -smokey barnyard, redwood forest floor
    Malaysian and Indonesian are a close second, and then everything else!

    A few years back I had purchased Royal Borneo (I think that's what it was called...) from Oriscent. I loved it so much that I never wore it. I'd just steal little whiffs from the bottle and sometimes enjoy a microscopic drop. Long story short: I gifted it last 'Eid to a dear brother from our masjid who was moving to Colorado.
    *sigh* I miss it.

    edit: oh yeah...I miss him too -what kind of friend am I ?!
  7. Al-Khidr
    Dred: The Agarwood Sheikh, I hear, always likes it when the womenfolk have their say without interruption. It is just good for collective decision making. For consumerism, who knows. I, for one, don't know much Arabic, and have little idea what was transpiring in the video.
  8. RashidD
    Anyone here from Saudi? I need some help... I'm looking for a mukhallat called Baytul Ateeq. I know where it's found, i just need someone whom i can pay and who can send it to me. If anyone can help, please let me know... Thanks!
  9. acer3
    Rashid, read my post in regards to that scent. Bait Al Ateeq. You should find my post some what useful. I posted it like I dunno on the Oudh thread ages ago.

    @ Dred, you have to understand Arabic in order to be able to comprehend the case at hand. The lady was asking questions, and unfortunately, he wasn't given enough time to answer the first question before proceeding to the following question. Not in disrespect, but in eagerness and out of interest in the topic at hand. Some of the questions required longer answers.

    Enjoy the video for what it presents to you Dred and that would be Oud ...

    Welcome to the thread Manuel!
  10. collin
    thanks for the input!
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