Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. RashidD
    JazakALLAH Acer3. I found your posts on Bait al Ateeq and Hajar al Aswad. I too know someone who was offered to buy the pure form of either perfume. He chose one tola of Bait al Ateeq.

    Just to let you know, the base is oudh, while that of the real hajar al aswad is musk (If i remember correctly, maybe red musk)
    Just to let you know about this brother, he now is involved in a niche company which sells oudh, musk etc to royals like princes and statesmen, prominent shuyookh etc.
  2. collin
    what do you think about Abdul Samad al Qurashi's 16 yr old oud Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak Mubakhar Qadeem and Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak (aged)?
  3. collin
    can you indicate me one sourde of Hajar Al Aswad that is near to the one they really use in Kaaba? Omebody try the Hajar Al Aswad from Abdul Samad Al Quaraishi?
  4. Abdarrahman
    salam alaykum

    it would be someone interested in samples from QT's and 3ml double super Kalimantan?

    in samples: double super assam
    Double super Vietnam
    Double super Cambodian
    Double super brunei
    Double super dark and smoke
  5. dredmahawkus
    collin-I like the ASAQ cambodi matak alot....its sweet...nice scent for summer. The aged and smoked one is an odd one. some days I really like it...other days i dont....its kind of like the matak but has a smoke note always running through it....and if you use it on cloth its kinda of barnyardy....then after about 8 hours the barnyard wears off and the sweet cambodhi comes through.
  6. collin
    thanks dredmahawkus,
    but there is difference between the 16yrs old and the normal one? the difference in price is half.
    because both of them hava the word old (matak):
    16 yr old oud Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak Mubakhar Qadeem
    Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak
  7. dredmahawkus
    yeah they are different....I havent tried the 16 year yet....I have a friend going to jorden next week and I have him brining me back some from the ASAQ store.

    I cant tell you how the 16 year old is yet...but I heard its really nice from a couple people.....enough I am getting one blind without smelling it.

    I really like the regular matak cambodi....its sweet fruity smells like a great summer scent....its kinda light too. Its just a great smelling smell.
  8. collin
    I asked them and they told me that the normal one Dhen Al Oud Cambodi Matak is less than 5 yrs old.
  9. dredmahawkus
    wow someone from ASAQ talked to you? they dont have the best customer service in the world. I cant wait to try the 16 year cambodi! it can only be better then the 5 year...and I like the 5 year alot.....i tried thaqeel this weekend and it was amazing smooth buttery and made you feel like floating!
  10. RashidD
    Has anyone tried Dehn al Oudh Tabeer by Ajmal? Is it very strong?

    Also, what does khussosi mean?
    And also, fakhir?
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