Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. Abdarrahman

    is that someone has already purchased Tribaljamu??

    and if so, that think you?

    thank you
  2. Abdul_Qa'im
    RashiD, the first implies that the oil is special, reserved for the "elite". The second basically means "glorious" . My Arabic is rusty, so someone like acer3 may provide you with more accurate translations ...
  3. Manuel
    A few years back, Sharif sent me an oud sample labled "Tasikmalaya".
    It sat in a drawer for about six months before I got around to testing it.
    The oil was thick and the initial impact was sweet, syrupy and very reminiscent of a CO2 extracted Hindi oud sample I had gotten from Edenbotanicals.
    It quickly smoothed to a long bitter-sweet, Borneo-like finish. A mere hint of smokiness and the tiniest whisper of the barnyard were present throughout the progression of the fragrance like a shadow.
    The sample is now long gone, and it leaves me in search of another one like it. Scouring the internet, I have yet to find any Indonesian ouds originating from Tasikmalaya or even generically from West Java.
  4. RashidD
    Hey everyone,
    I know i've been posting asking questions and stuff but i've never really introduced myself. So, i'm 21 and have been using (solely) attars for maybe the past 2 years. We have some local seller who bring down some stuff from the middle east sometimes, mainly cheap stuff from al-haramain and rasasi.
    We had some bringing down ajmal mukhallats, but i didn't buy any.

    Currently in my collection:
    Oudh Hindi Qadeem 8-10years
    Oudh Cambodi Aslee qadeem
    Pure Musk
    Bait al Ateeq
    Mukhallat an Najdi
    Taaíf Rose
    Amber (from the plant i think, called Shamamatul Amber)

    Kashmiri rose - I'm willing to trade some if anyone's interested.

    Anyone tried a mukhallat called oudh al Imtiyaaz by bella perfumes?
  5. hawk
    Rachid where did you find the posts about bait al ateeq? and how did u find them, I can't even search the group posts for anything!!!
  6. RashidD
    I am using the summary. It's in the second one... Search using different words - bait, bayt, beit, beyt etc.

    Let me know if you can't find it, i'll try find and copy/paste for you *smiles*
  7. RashidD
    Hawk sorry, i don't think you can search threads. I have a summary of the discussions which can be viewed in M$ word format. Let me know your e-mail and i can send it to you.
  8. hawk
    oh I thought I was the only one who doesn't have the search option! thanks for the offer Rachid
  9. acer3
    One of the nicest Ouds I have tried from Sharif is his 50 year old Burmese Oud. That is one awesome oil!
  10. collin
    what qualities improves in oud when is aged?
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