Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Please return back to us!
  2. collin
    Oud Al Mubakhar? how do you rate it?
  3. collin
    do you have the Dhan Al Oud Mubakhar? or the spray Oudh Al Mubakhar?
  4. Manuel
    Yeah Acer3, I know what you mean. I was looking for some insight -so I'm glad you're here. Do you know of any sources for oud from West Java? Especially from Tasikmalaya?
    Dude, I hate when I get on these missions...I end up spending a lot of bread in the process!
  5. acer3
    Hehehe my room is all hazy/foggy from the Borneo Oud I just burned. Manuel in regards to your query, unfortunately the only Javanese Oud I know would be from Sharif ... as for Tasikmalaya that's the first I've heard of it ... Taha would be the right person to ask here. Hehehe I know what you mean about spending a lot of cash - that all falls under occupational health hazards lol - given the fact that were all Oud'icts.
  6. acer3

    Mubakhar is a term given to smoked Oud. Therefore, Dhen Al Oud Mubakhar = Oil of Oud which is smoked (if I am not mistaken as it could just be a title 'Mubakhar') How do they smoke the Oud oil I can only imagine. Perhaps they place the Oud oil in a specilised, enclosed container with some burning Oud chips and they have some device that stirs the Oud oil to thouroughly absorb all the smoke. I really don't know for sure ...
  7. acer3
    It is a nice Oud. However it is not a high class Oud. It is worth the price though. After you apply the oil on your skin, maybe like after 15 mins or so, it smells very similar to Sharif's 50 year old Burmese Oud and goes on smelling like this for like another 30 mins or so. It then transforms into a classic smokey Burmese Oud oil (at this point, it has totally changed and you won't recognise it as the same as Sharif's.) Intially it smells rather sweet, woody, very Oudy then it becomes smokey, woody. Not like some Oud oils have this undesirable smokiness to it, but a nice - imagine burning Oud smokiness to it.

    Here's 2 pics I took for you with my laptop webcam.

    Should price not be a factor for you then without doubt go for Sharif's Burmese 50 year old Oud as it is one of the nicest Ouds I have ever smelt! If only it was cheaper I would definately buy it ...
  8. acer3
    If you're starting out new with Oud then yeah definately get it ... it should be a nice Oud for you.
  9. collin
    thanks! very clear - it seams a good oil for the bucks!
    have you tried also the non smoked one (Dhaneloudh
    Cambodi) from Rasasi? They have the same price
  10. acer3
    Is that the one in the golden box? My one is of a higher quality than the one in the golden/yellow box. That one is of a lower quality ...

    show me your links.
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