Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. MrP
    I think know what she means - it is a kind of cooked seed note - something dry, edgy - I got something like that in Oudhasi's Green Gaharu. Not sure how that Thai oil smells, but to me it is a very undesirable note if it is too dominant in oud oils. What is cool about your reviews, Bluemoon, is that you try to peg your descriptions to something we have a shared experience in - concrete, specific smells. Even if those references aren't exact, they can be discussed in a meaningful way.
  2. bluemoon
    Thanks, MrP, but I'm becoming more and more leery of writing "reviews" and descriptions. In addition to being uncomfortable with the thought that someone might purchase something based on a positive review and then not like it, it seems clear that people perceive scents (as well as other sensory stimulants) very differently. And, I can smell the same oil a week apart and I pick up notes I didn't before, or can't smell something I was sure was obvious the last time . My jottings on Taha's Thai were from 9/09. I really wonder if I'd smell the same notes today. Maybe the oil has developed, maybe the oils I've smelled in the intervening months have affected my perceptions, perhaps my body chemistry is altered etc. I guess the complexity and changeability of these oils is part of what makes them so fascinating, but sometimes it's frustrating, too.
  3. dredmahawkus
    Do people in UAE wear single origin ouds like Oriscents? Are there people there who make quality oud like that, and sell it there? or does everyone wear ASAQ Ajmal AO? I feel some of those ajmals and ASAQs smell pretty good...but not $200 good.....for $200 single origin ouds are much more interesting and complex. most of Ajmals and ASAQs, although they smell ok are very linear.

    Bluemoon....your reviews are great! If no one had any idea what something smelled like they wouldnt buy help people at least get a suggestion of what to expect in the oud....every scent smells different on do a great job! it is much appreciated!
  4. divinemama
    I appreciate bluemoon, and everyone else descriptions of oud for that matter, because I am new to oud and need to develop some vocabulary to describe what I am smelling. Something other than it smells good or it smells bad. Granted bluemoon's writing is especially poetic.

    I would hope we all know better than to buy an oud based solely on the opinion on another person, so please keep writing your thoughts, bluemoon. I think you are correct that we perceive scents differently and certainly our skin brings out different nuances in each oil. Time of year, our age, etc all factor in to how a scent smells on our skin on a given day.

    Thanks for the info on Burmese Kinam, Abdul_Qa'im.
  5. wog
    Blue: I have bought many oils because of your descriptions. I have not once been disappointed. Your ability to appreciate and then describe a fragrance so eloquently is not a common one. If you stop we will all definately loose, so dont.
  6. wog
    Devinemamma your mailbox is full
  7. divinemama
    wog, thanks...there should be room now.
  8. bluemoon
    Thanks very much everyone.

    I'd like to extend a belated and heartfelt thanks to Abdul Qa'im and MrP for your efforts to keep things focused and for expressing sentiments I didn't take the initiative to say myself, but wanted to.

    MrP- thank you especially for starting this thread. It feels like coming home :-)
  9. tahasyed
    A couple of people asked about the Bloom here, and I got some emails about the new custom-distillation as well.
    I don't want to comment in any way about what I sell, or intend to sell, but if Taz pops in, maybe he could share some info with y'all.
    He's smelled a $45 per quarter-tola sample of a Malinau oil from the same distiller. So you (and I!) might be interested in what he might think a $2xx per quarter-tola bottle would smell like, given what the $45 one was like.

    Taz...? ; )
  10. MrP
    Taha - please PM me any info on this stuff if you would be so kind.

    Sorry this site is so restrictive.
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