Agarwood oil thread.

  1. evbo
    And now, for something completely different:

    Agarwood Tea

    Water Temp: 190-195 (approx.)
    Chips: 1x Cambodian Agarwood chip, approx. .5-.75" long, roughly shark-fin shaped, approx. .125" thick at the bottom, slimming considerably towards the top of the "fin."
    Method: Placed in an empty, unbleached teabag & steeped for ~8'.

    This is a very interesting brew.

    First of all, the water smells great. It has a warm, subtle vanillic scent to it. It smells the way good agarwood chips smell when they're heated gently and the resin starts to boil.

    Taste-wise, well -- again, it's very subtle. The brew is weak. The taste is discernible, however. There's a round, warm richness to it. The only way I can describe it is that it tastes the same way it smells. It leaves a slightly bitter aftertaste but nothing nasty or metallic. It's almost unnoticeable.

    I'm planning to finish the cup. I'll report back tomorrow if I experience any unexpected mental and/or physical effects.
  2. MrP
    "I'm planning to finish the cup. I'll report back tomorrow if I experience any unexpected mental and/or physical effects."

    Or not, as the case may be.
  3. evbo
    Indeed. I can already report that there's a very low-grade "speedy" buzz going on. Nothing major or alarming by any means. I also notice a pleasant, mellow sense of well-being. I was going to use the word "euphoria" but that term is much too strong for what I'm feeling. The cup's about 1/2 gone.
  4. MrP
    Nce experiment. You consider grinding the chip up to get more surface area? One step at a time I guess. Obviously it is reasonably safe as it is used as a decoction in Chinese medicine.

    How did you decide which agarwood variety to try, assuming you had a few types on-hand?
  5. evbo
    I didn't consider grinding it up, no. It's an excellent idea, though. Next time.

    As to the question of how did I decide which variety of wood to use, well ... that was simple. I do have several varieties but Cambodian wood is far and away the bulk of my little stash. So I grabbed one of those chips.

    I've finished the cup. Whatever weak effects I was feeling when the cup was 1/2 gone did not increase. That subtle feeling of well-being is still with me somewhat, albeit fading. It's leaving me in the perfect frame of mind for bed, though. And the little "speedy" effect I noticed earlier has, thankfully, abated.

    EDIT: I'm noticing now that the feeling of well-being has transformed into more of a physical, bodily sensation. It's a very pleasant, languorous feeling that, sitting here as I am now, I'm noticing mostly in my legs. No doubt it's heightened by the fact that the hour is late and I'm exhausted. Still, it's noticeable above & beyond the feeling of mere physical fatigue.
  6. maa
    @ evbo - Loving it. Oud Tea. imagine ordering that in a hotel.

    i think some websites actually sell oud tea packaged up - but dont know what kind of grade they use.
  7. RJK
    Never tried the wood-tea before, but I did once eat some good agarwood. It was more minty than the breath-fresheners you buy at the supermarket check-out. Later, I tried the distilled version of that wood in some hot water. Well, that didn't work out too well - it just tasted like oil - so I ended using the water to make a cup of coffee, which had the same oily taste.

    The interesting thing though was this: I friend of mine had some issue with his throat for a few days at the time we ate that wood and just about as soon as we finished chewing his throat felt a great deal better. Coincidence, maybe - or maybe there is something to the stories about the healing quality of agarwood after all.
  8. sjh
    Agarwood cure constipation
  9. sjh
    maybe agarwood should be as cheap as senna leaves???
  10. sjh
    on the other hand , puer tea also cure constipation, but this cnbc article

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