Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. collin
    do you try the new saif al hind from ajmal?
  2. acer3
    Nope, not the new one ...
  3. Manuel
    Alrighty! I just purchased me a tola of Merauke oil from Souqalbadu, he sold out on his Sumbawa.
    The anticipation is gonna kill me until it gets here!
  4. Manuel
    I'm gonna shoot an email over to Sharif about the West Java oil.

    Collin, which Al Haramain ouds do you have? Haramain doesn't get a lotta love here, but they're such a cheap thrill for me!
  5. acer3
    Manuel that dude is such a nice guy Extremely nice, upfront honest and just such a nice guy to have a chat with. Mr. Alfa Alhajj I beleive is the guy you purchased it from, right?

    I have purchased his Merauke before (once only) but I gotta admit it was rather undesirable ... to describe it for you, it was burnt, tar'ish, acrid, rubberish ... I suspect the distillation went wrong with that one ...

    His Borneo on the other hand was quite nice.
  6. Manuel
    Yikes, how long ago did you sample it??
    Hopefully I'll be receiving a different batch...inshaAllah...
  7. acer3
    Manuel, I know Sharif does have Java Oud oil as he encorporates it in one of his blends but I'm not sure if he will sell the oil by itself.

    Royal Java Mukhallath,

    "Java Oud, a product of an environment renowned for goods of posterity.
    Java, the land of tumult and intrigue, belongs to the island chain known as the Ring of Fire, an island chain beset by active living volcanoes of which dot the land, and from time to time erupt, thereby enrichiching the soil with nutrients and minerals that have given rise to precious agarwood trees and oil. The oil is so highly prized, that the yields of Java are purchased before market, and her cargo shipped off to the Bazaars of Arabia, where the Sultans and Sheikhs of Royalty and influence enjoy her elixirs...
    Agarscents is proud to offer this truly Majestic Oil of limited quantity to the few of fine tastes, or to the many of experienced curiosity."
  8. acer3
    He also sells Java Oud chips incase you're interested If you don't mind me asking, why the interest in Java Oud?

    As I have stated this in the past, Sharif truly is one of a kind perfumer. Definately a master of his arts.
  9. acer3
    Manny, ummm I'm not entirely sure as to when I purchased my Merauke Oud from him ... if I were to guess ... I would say something like a year ago?
  10. Manuel
    Re: Java oud,
    I fell in love with a sample of it that I had received -it was unlike any oud I've smelled thus far. I didn't act fast enough to score me a bottle, so now I'm just trying to find something at least similar.
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