Agarwood oil thread.

  1. maa
    i think oud definitely has some calming properties. Even just sniffing good oud oil gets some relaxation coming around. should work for kids too!

    or they might be saying yuck whats that! depends on which oud you use really.
  2. evbo
    I'm wearing Kyara Koutan today, and my 9 y/o son really likes it. In fact, he likes almost all of my oils except for the Hindis. ;^)

    Welcome back, A_Q. I've missed your posts. I hope all goes well during the rest of your wife's pregnancy and the delivery!
  3. sjh
    for wood, best to get a picture with indication of size, maybe a ruler beside or lighter or a pack of cig.
    then ask for the weight.
    Do a self calculation, u will know the density of the wood .
  4. sjh
    but if wood is fake or impregnated, all hopes are lost
  5. sjh
    one more tip, if u are looking for high end wood,
    buy from japanese BIG three, not origin.
  6. maa
    @ sjh - who is Japanese big three
  7. MrP
    I agree - the only truly wonderful wood I've gotten has been via Japan (albeit at a very high price). These expensive woods lack a lot of the "dung" notes that linger in the specimens I've seen from other sources. I have really come to feel that density and resin content is (for me) less important than the sublety of the aroma.
  8. MrP
    I have sampled some very dense / resin-rich and gubal grade oud that has a very good density of scent - very small pieces give off odor for a very long time if delicately heated. It's funny because I don't mind wearing mid-grade Oud oil (assuming it doesn't smell nasty of course) but I can't stand most mid to low grade wood.
  9. bluemoon
    I'd like to guess the big 3 - Shoyedio, Baiedo, Nippon Kodo?
  10. maa
    Yeah for incense, the agarwood has to be of the highest grade, otherwise you might as well just burn some wood from diy shop.
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