Agarwood oil thread.

  1. MrP
    Very interesting indeed, thanks organic1. It is nice to see a parallel discussion of oud going on. I had no idea...
  2. masstika
    Sparky, you can see how your Koh Kong can be confused with those what I would call "Petro-Nuk-oud" chips. I had the same ones as well and I throw them away after couple of burns. Can you post more pictures of it? thanks.
    @agarwoodindonesia: Nice information on your web site about gaharu uaya; do they distill oil from gaharu buaya? and does it smell like Bitumen or petrochemicals?
  3. acer3
    Sparky it just so happens that I've also received chips similar to yours. I'm pretty sure mine are painted and probobly adultrated with god knows what other things to make the wood heavier.

    I guess there's a reason why it smells like bitumen lol Mine smell the same as well!
  4. Sparky
    Hey Masstika, did you mean more pictures of the Koh Kong, or the crap? hehe
  5. agarwoodindonesia
    Sparky that is not buaya but rather low quality Black Magic Wood. I will upload the photo soon Insha Allah. Gaharu buaya smell like citrus or mango like smell and bizzare stench end note.
    Masstika yes they do distill gaharu buaya , if it's hidro or water and steam distillation the price is expensive around 900 US$/ Kilo but steam distillation the price is only 110 US$/ Kilo. However these are local price.
  6. masstika
    @ agarwoodindonesia: Black magic wood...! that is something new. can't wait to see your pictures? is it from the Agarwood family? Also Why such a big difference in prize between the two distillations of the Gaharu Buaya woods ? and what is the Gaharu Buaya oil used for? as a stand alone essential Oil or is it primarily to mix with other Oils? finally does it have a different name that it is marketed under?
  7. agarwoodindonesia
    You can read black magic wood description on my web. Gaharu buaya is agarwood but different species it is use as logs for furniture also. Usually called as Ramin, They are either Gonystylus Bancanus or Aetoxylon sympetalum, the difference is the smell. The oil usually use as mixture or sell to India, they love the smell, also sell as agarwood oil since it is technically agarwood but not that agarwood . Usually it marketed under gaharu buaya oil or bouaya oil here. The difference between these 2 oils are on it's yield. The steam gain more yield= cheaper. But inferior in it's quality. I put the gaharu buaya photo at groups pic

    looks yummy huh ? but this is buaya. Resinous but very cheap. Sorry about the url that shown I hope I dont get warning from moderator this is just for knowledge sharing purpose since I do not sell woods anymore.
  8. bluemoon

    Boya oil
  9. bluemoon
    Thanks for the informative articles on your website and blog agarwoodindonesia.
  10. bluemoon
    Here are a couple of places that offer wood in a "processed black" color:
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