Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. Abdul_Qa'im
    Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
  2. RashidD
    Guys i have some stock a pure musk oil. What are the chances that it was distilled using an alcohol or using sandlewood oil?
    Given that it came from an Omani company... Unlikely that they'd use alcohol right?
  3. Manuel
    Hi Rashid,
    if it is a musk oil then it is just that: oil. If it truly is from musk, then chances are that musk grains were infused into the oil (sandalwood tends to be the oil of choice for this.)
    If the musk grains were infused into alcohol it would result in a musk tincture. The two would be easy to differentiate since one would be oily and the other would be liquid and begin to evaporate.

    However, perfume in an alcohol base is not necessarily haraam, unless you drink your perfume. :-P
  4. abubakr_al-misky
    Rashid there is no such thing as distilation of Musk. There is the tincture which is musk infused in alcolhol or there is the "infusion" which the musk is saturated in oil usually sandalwood oil. The fact that it is an Omani Company doesnt mean anything since Amuage is from Oman. Alcohol based perfumes are made all over the middle east and this is because they use denatured alcohol. Denatured alocohol` takes the ruleing of poison not that of khamr. Additives are added to make the alcohol undrinkable. What would be haram is pure drinkable alcohol which has not been denatured. Obviously because of the drinking isssue but also for the fact since its ruleing takes that of khamr then it is haram to buy it, sell it, and hold it etc etc...same ruleing as any khamr.
  5. dredmahawkus
    whats Shari’ah then?
  6. Manuel
    Collectively, on the most basic level, it is law based on Qur'an, Sunnah (reported actions & stories of the Prophet s.a.w.s.) and Hadith (reported speech of the Prophet s.a.w.s.)
    It gets more complicated when the people begin to factor in further rulings based on various scholors' interpretations.
    The best way to avoid confusion is to go back to basics i.e. Qur'an & (strong)Hadith, and question your own true intention in relation to these.

    In Qur'an we are ordered by God (swt) to refrain from consuming alcohol -with the obvious reason to avoid intoxication. Wearing perfume in an alchohol base does not lean toward consuming for intoxication. Thus the intention is not harmful.
    I'm sure some sheikh or mufti somewhere may disagree but big f-ing deal.
  7. Manuel
    And now, steering back to the thread topic...

    I have in transit at the moment: 2 ouds from Taha, 3ml Kalakassi from Igor and a tola of Merauke from Souqalbadu. The wait is unbearable!!!
    Also, I contacted Sharif and I scored a half tola of Tasikmalaya Royale -I thought I had missed the boat on this one.
  8. divinemama
    Nice haul, Manuel. Which ouds are you getting from Taha?
  9. dredmahawkus
    oh nice is that the java one you wanted?

    what is java oud? is it a borneo?
  10. Manuel
    From Taha - the Indian Spice and the Cambodian!

    Yeah Dred, that was the Java I sought....and all I had to do was ask the source in the first place! I just figured it was long gone since I was going from a sample I received over a year ago.
    Java is an Indonesian island a tad southwest of Borneo...wait! I better check the map! :-)
    I wasn't aware of oud production from that area, but then again I'm only less than three years into this insane hobby (obsession)!

    Oh, I forgot to mention Purple Papua from Ensar too -my wife is gonna kill me!
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