Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Organic1
    Thanks for the tips on thai black masstika and ddorris!
    @ddorris How did you find the resin content of your thai black chips? was it copious super bubbling resin as described?
    Mica plate? What exactly is this and what is it's purpose? other than avoiding directly burning wood on coal. Is aluminum foi ok or insufficient or is their a significant difference?
  2. bluemoon
    ddoris- I've gotten 3 nice Malaysian and 2 enjoyable Cambodian oils from Oudline and I recently had the opportunity to try a resinous, sweet-smelling chip a fellow basenoter was kind enough to share with me. I have always enjoyed doing business with them.
  3. bluemoon
    The mica plate reduces the amount of heat between the charcoal and the wood, as you guessed. It's easy to use and makes a nice flat platform although the resin gets stuck to it so after a while it doesn't look very nice. (Maybe somebody here has found a way to clean them that doesn't eventually impair the integrity of the mica)? I've never used aluminum so I can't compare them.
  4. ddorris
    Thanks bluemoon. Organic1- the mica plate allows you to basically vaporize the wood without really burning it, which allows it to release its scent longer and the fragrance comes out a little purer. As far as aluminum foil is concerned, I don't really like the idea of burning or heating it, but I don't know how well it would work for incense purposes? As far as the the thai black gold is concerned, it has plenty of resin bubbling up out of it.
  5. masstika
    I second what Blue moon stated about Oudline. I have bought from them over time 2 Malaysian and a Cambodie oil as well as some superb chips. I found them to be reasonably prized and their EO cost corresponding to the quality (no exaggerated claims) and it was a pleasure dealing with them. I tried their top Mukhalat which I did not favor but that is just a personal taste.
    my only reservation about the mica plates is that it doesn't extract all the resins inside the wood, so after the scent has stopped I have been removing the mica plate and putting the charred pieces on the charcoal and the smoke will start coming out again. It is not as refined or sweet as the slow burn but it continues for a good while. I wonder about others experience.
  6. ddorris
    Thanks for the input on oudline. Does anyone know what suyufi and khasosi mean?
  7. MrP
    I give oudline 2 thumbs-up for sure.
  8. bluemoon
    ddoris: I don't speak Arabic but these were discussed before and if my memory is correct:
    I think syoufi means sword or sword-like and when it's used in connection with agarwood it refers to wood that's sword-shaped. When it's used in reference to an oil I assume it means an oil distilled from sword-shaped wood.
    Khusoosi means special.
    You might enjoy this thread:
  9. bluemoon
    Another mica plate thought- I'm not sure what the advantage is of using charcoal with a mica plate compared with using an electric burner in terms of the olfactory experience. The electric burner has the same problem masstika noted about the mica plate- it fails to extract all of the resin. However to my nose the scent is similar using both techniques. The electric burner is a lot easier than charcoal. Also even the good quality Japanese charcoal has its own scent that I find distracting.
    Taha told me that burning directly on charcoal makes the shortcomings of a piece of agarwood more apparent, so it's easier to judge quality burning directly on charcoal. (Using an electric burner is more forgiving- even less good wood will smell nice on an electric burner). It seems to me that burning on a mica plate is not as revealing as burning on charcoal. I'm not very experienced so maybe someone else can share their thoughts.
  10. Oudh Seeker
    Oudh Seeker
    Ramadan kareem everyone. I missed you all so much.
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