Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. dredmahawkus
    thats alot of oud for one month! at least you have enough to hold you over for a little while!

    I am not sure what to get next....KSSS a tola of ASAQ cambodi....king fahad 3ml ....shariffs kathuri musk......I just cant decide....all i know is hindi was my favorite....but I am really diggin cambodi lately.

    oh I forgot my friend is going to jorden and bringing me back a 16 year ASAQ cambodi...and one I told him just to pick anything good.
  2. Abdul_Qa'im
    Manuel, that's quite an oud splurge there! Better wait around for the postman come bank statement time :P ...
  3. Manuel
    Hee!! Heeee!! I took care of that a long time ago. I switched to electronic bank statements!

    [select, right-click, delete]
  4. 1234567890
    Manuel , Do you try before buy Merauke from Souqalbadu ?
  5. Manuel
    No, I didn't try it...I just took a shot in the dark.
    I get a haphazard thrill from it from time to time.

    Perhaps I ought to post a review/impression of the Merauke once it arrives.
    In an above post, Acer3 mentioned some negative aspects of Souqalbadu's Merauke, however this was from a sample he had received about a year ago. Whether or not mine is gonna be from the same batch/distillation remains yet to be seen.
  6. dredmahawkus
    has anyone tried oudselect yet? dying to know how their ouds are.
  7. acer3
    Evogel mate, did you get a chance to try your Oudselect Ouds yet?
  8. divinemama
    "From Taha - the Indian Spice and the Cambodian!"

    The Ateeq? Excellent choices, Manuel! I am lucky to have them both. They are great oils. Enjoy!
  9. Manuel
    It's the Black Ateeq for the Cambodian, I missed out on the previous offering.

    I'm curious about how other members' spouses/better halves/families react to agarwood fragrances.
    My wife cannot stand it. Her family is from southern Thailand where it is apparently used for medicinal purposes. Specifically to ease or prevent respitory problems. When my wife was a little kid, her aunt used to smear small amounts of oud on her baby cousin's head and then place cut shallots near the crib! She's been traumatized by the smell ever since.
    Anytime I have on the slightest amount of oud, my wife can detect it a mile away. She tells me "Ugh, it smell like the baby's head!"
  10. RashidD
    Lol manuel... Why not get ur wife to smell different species/ origins? Ok so Manuel you're saying a tincture would evaporate over time? Mine's probably a sandlewood base then since it's oily as well. It is a beautiful smell. At the price i paid, probably the best buy of my life.
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