Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Organic1
    Has anyone ever dealt with this company sai export here are the descriptions:
    and the website and they take paypal.
  2. tahasyed
    Don't touch'em with a ten foot pole!
    He eagerly sent me some samples... the 'Khalis' smelled like a monkey's (used) toilet paper. The Cambodi was basically synthetic kewda with something. The Imphal smelled like a bad, burnt, confused Hindi.
    Also, a reliable source told me that they actually get their chips from Thailand. Kannauj is, generally speaking, well known for deception. I say generally speaking.

    Being a seller myself, I know I shouldn't have too much to say about other sellers on BN. But truuuust me, you're better off being warned by me than being tortured by their vile concoctions.
  3. AZsmells
    So what happened to Oudhasi? Everything on their website is out of stock.
  4. MrP
    Hope they are not going out of business or anything. I've noticed their oil offerings hasn't changed in years. Makes me wonder if they sold much oud at all...
  5. Organic1
    Here is what's up according to their website
    Welcome to the Oudhasi shop. We are currently traveling and not able to fill orders at this time. If you would like to reserve a product for purchase, please send an email to us at:

    Thank you for visiting.
  6. davido22
    Hi, just joined this forum and fairly new to fragrance world. I have some background in molecular gastronomy and think there is good cross-reference there. I have been fascinated with oud since my first smells, albeit they were primarily synthetic notes. I am going to order a quarter tola of oud to start. My question is this: how many applications are in a quarter tola....i know it all depends on the concentration of the product but i am wondering how much i am getting...approximately how many milliliters it will be...some sort of reference that I can wrap my brain around.
  7. MrP
    Here is the first thing google linked to:

    "The tola (Hindi: तोला; Urdu: تولا; tolā. from Sanskrit: तोलकः; tolaka), also transliterated as tolah or tole, is a traditional South Asian unit of mass, now standardised as 180*troy grains (11.663 8038*grams). It was the base unit of mass in the British Indian system of weights and measures introduced in 1833, although it had been in use for much longer."

    (pasted from Wikipedia)
  8. MrP
    So 1/4 tola is less than 3ml. How many applications totally depends. Some folks here literally apply 10-20x as much as others so that can't really be answered.
  9. MrP
    A google search shows 15-20 drops per ml though I think I depends on oil viscosity and dropper type. So 1/4 tola is about 3ml or about 60 drops which puts high-end oud in the $5 - $20 per drop price range. :/
  10. abubakr_al-misky
    I would say a drop is a very very generous application.
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