Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. Al-Khidr
    RashidD -- Where'd you get this lovely musk oil?
  2. Manuel
    Yes Rashid, please do tell. I'm a sucker for musk oils -from the super cheap to the very expensive!
  3. Al-Khidr
    Manuel -- As for spousal reactions to oud: I don't wear pure oud around my wife much. It's not that she thinks it smells bad, but finds it way too overwhelming a smell to make an aesthetic judgement. I wear it often in mukhallats though, and she enjoys those just fine. On occasion she'll note that a particular muk smells really strong, or like a christmas tree. I must say, though, if she ever thinks an oil smells like medicine-oud and shallots, I'll know I've hit the jackpot!
  4. RashidD
    I got it from a local seller. His bro in law works for a big ittar company in Oman... They supply to the Omani palace i think, oud costing 25k Omani riyal... Like $70,000 or something for a tola. Probably an insanely high price margin...
  5. acer3
    I too have heard of rumours that certain royal families from the ME get custom distillations of the very best Quality Oud money can buy.

    I wonder what quality like that would be like ...
  6. firdaous
    Hi oud lovers,

    nice to read you one more time in a new discussion...
    i would like to swap one bottle of my oud collection:
    1/4 tola(3ml) of Oud shuyookhi from Al Haramain(indian oud), if someone is intersted just pm
  7. collin
    how is the Haramain's Dehnal Oudh Seufi? Is an Indian Oud?
  8. acer3
    Firdous, Al-Haramain's Dhen Al Oud Shuyookhi is a Cambodian Oud. It is a nice Oud.
  9. dredmahawkus
    Al haramain makes good oud?
  10. Manuel
    As long as you bear in mind that it's good for what it is. And stick with the higher priced offerings...
    I own Dhen Al Oud: Cambodi, Mubakhar, Khossosi Qadeem, Maliki and Shuyookh. They are all very pleasing and satisfying. If you're looking for quality for value, Al Haramain is the ticket as opposed to other bargain paths one may venture on...I don't want to name names...
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