Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Anyways, as I was saying, Dhen Al Oud Manasek is a fantastic quality Indian Oud! Recommended to any Indian Oud lover!
  2. acer3
    I dunno where this guy gets his prices from ... way overpriced ...

    1800 Dirhams divided by 3.65 USD = $493 USD
  3. acer3
    Another one of my little stories should anyone wish to know. The morning before yesterday, after I had a shower and ironed my clothes, I smoked up my t-shirt, body and trousers with some Indian Oud chips and then proceeded to applying my new Indian Oud oil. A very traditional, pungent, barnyard'ish, woody Oud. For reference purposes, please check the method I sometimes use when I want to be scented for the entire day (like + 30 swipes on pulse points all over my body) ...

    awww man I'm way to tired lol ... i'll continue like tomorrow or something ... good night
  4. collin
    thanks! very usefull
  5. Al-Khidr
    Acer3 -- 30 swipes of good hindi, plus burn? Man, I would be reluctant to bathe, as this amount and combination could sent me for like a month!
  6. abubakr_al-misky
    yeh acer you know one swipe will scent you for the whole day. The thing is its just not you who smells it but every one else will. I put one drop of oud oil on my thobe and it lasts 2-3 weeks even after washing and drying it. I put one drop of Mukhallat Dehn al Oud on my thobe and it has been one month and 3 washes leter and it still smells.
  7. acer3
    Hehehe yeah, it does tend to last the entire day+the night+the morning after (then I would shower again and wear something different) ...

    Anyways as I was saying, so after I smoked myself up and then applied the oil to my body, I also applied like 3 full swipes to my palms and then rubbed the insides of my palms together and applied the oil all over my clothes.

    Now you could just imagine how wonderful it would have been to pass by me on such a day hehehe I got ready and departed for uni, first I caught the bus to the train station (which was practically empty) and then I hopped on the train. Now here's where the story gets interesting hehehe

    Continued ...
  8. acer3
    Yeah I guess you're right Abubakr hehehe
  9. acer3
    Right then I entered the train and ventured towards an empty compartment (they pretty much were all empty). I went towards the back or was it the front of the train and sat down with no one within 3 metres of me. With the exception of this one lady who was approx 3m away from me. I had to cross her side to get to my free seat.

    As soon as I passed her and sat down, she got up and ventured away! I was like point & score! That was my only experience for the day with someone leaving the vicinity lol

    Mind you their was a lot of chitter chatter happening about my scent but I was a bit preoccupied with other things. Fast forward, got off the train, caught the next bus and arrived at uni.
  10. acer3
    My first class was a Lab for anatomy, got into the lab with my lab coat fully buttoned up lol to try and minise any release of the aroma. Unfortunately we were dealing with cadavers again which nearly all the time creeps me out. Approach them within a metre and they have this really wierd funky smell emanating from them. Mind you these are only dry cadavers as well, hahaha some females in one of cousin's class started crying when they brought in the wet cadavers, some got sick and some left, etc.

    Anyways, we had like 10 stations to observe so we got into small groups and wondered around observing each station. So like after an hour of wondering around we were called back to our central locations - with no cadavers being near by. This one female behind me told her friend, "Ewwe can you smell that? It smells like that wierd cadaver smell ..." At this point I was like lol that's pretty awesome, Indian Oud smells like dead bodies!

    Continued ...
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