Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Personally, I couldn't notice any significant resemblance between my Indian Oud and the scent emanating from the Cadavers but perhaps my other classmates may have - possibly, due to lack of a better reference or most probobly because that was their first experience with Hindi Ouds and they were amazed - perhaps even by the person to wear such a fragrance in the first place lol.

    Lol I also noticed my female Lab teacher being very neutral towards the scent, perhaps because that was her first time experiencing such a scent or perhaps she was being diplomatic about it lol. Who knows, maybe she even liked it?

    Now the strange thing was that none of the guys seemed to mind the smell? They didn't even say a word about it ... the dude I was partnered with didn't even notice the smell or possibly he may have liked it? Eitherway, I didn't want to be the culprit so the anatomy lab smelly culprit was never apprehended for that day - he lives to write the tale!
  2. acer3
    A scent of beauty
    Known by few
    A gift to us all
  3. acer3
    If anyone here has tried Al-Haramain's DHEN AL OUDH MANASEK, please share with us your impressions!
  4. acer3
    Anyone here heard of Ruhvath? Apparently it's like a blend of deer musk, civet, castoreum, ambergris?
  5. RashidD
    Acer3, where'd you get those prices from?
  6. acer3

    Diera City Centre

    Dubai, UAE
  7. acer3
    TEL. NO.: 04-2951003

    Country code: +971

    Dubai Area Code: 04 (remove the 0 when dialling)
  8. dredmahawkus
    Dude 30 swipes? That's not a typo? You must go through $400 worth of ouds a week!!! I use one swipe in the morn shower in the eve and use half a swipe at night after showering and I have gone through like 2 ml of Indian spice in like a month! May because I store my ouds by my window and it's winter so they are kinda thicker then normal..... Or maybe cuz I been using too much!

    30 swipes wow
  9. Manuel
    Acer, I've had my eye on that Dhen Al Oud Manasek for some time already. How on earth would I be able to get it at the price you posted? Do you just deal with Al Haramain directly or though a reseller?
  10. Manuel
    oh, never mind... I just found the website

    This ought to be fun...
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