Agarwood oil thread.

  1. Organic1
    I had no idea.

    I always thought LTD just meant Limited as in low quantity produced available for sale.

    I also thought about when an oil is aquired from any distiller and handed to their client, they give it in a big bottle
    and the retailer then Re-Bottles it in smaller bottles.

    No big deal.
  2. diallo
    My dad owned an LTD Crown Victoria back in the 90's! And we call them LTD in Miami. Hey man send a PM or a phone call to air out differences is all I'm saying and was saying In my post that was removed! Biased wow! Can someone start a forum dedicated to Oudh where honesty is appreciated and differences are understood!
  3. diallo
    Chatoya, give agarscentsbazaar a shot I think you will like the cambodi gold incense sticks as well as the Hindi tourabi sticks!
  4. RJK
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm officially 'making the switch'!
  5. diallo
    Don't throw a boomerang if you can't catch! No one has monopoly on Oudh as we see through out history different cultures use for different reasons!
  6. stuigi
    First it was marketplace violations on this board, now it is personal attacks on someone who is perceived to be cornering the market of particular ouds. There are way too many complaints by members regarding actions on this board. There will be no more warnings. If the disrespectful behavior toward Basenotes and/or individuals continues the board will be closed.
  7. okonos
    @RJK and Ensar: I understand 'LTD' to mean limited edition, and this is used by many companies for different products. I believe if someone tried to assert copyright over such a term they'd fail. I'm happy if the term is used by more than one oud company, if it genuinely relates to a very limited edition product. I think your comparative example of a company other than Oudimentary using the term 'KSSS', which is the name of their specific product and therefore subject to copyright, does not hold water.
  8. Ensar
    The question is not about it "holding water" in a court hearing. Rather, whether it is ethical to present the product in exactly the same way as someone else – with the same name, in the same packaging, with a similar-sounding story line (read Borneo 4000). I.e. to effectively portray your product as a natural "extension" of someone else's product line. Whether it holds water in court or not is not the question. Whether it is appreciated by AgarAura's colleagues, and how they feel about the whole approach, is the question RJK is raising here. And I certainly don't appreciate AgarAura naming his oil LTD, and then pouring it in the same exact bottle I portray my LTD oils in, and then writing his copy in the same exact style I write my copy in.

    Read this:

    "Take Assam Black, multiply its blackness by about three, intensify its nuttiness to the point where all typical Assam notes disappear to make way for the woodiest, deepest South Papua Oud you’ve ever inhaled, and you’ve got – a major problem. Either your artisan is lying, or you just distilled a miracle oil."

    Now this:

    "Take your finest Oud Hindi, strip it completely of all objectionable notes that are common in most Indian ouds, and add to the palette the most scrumptuous scent notes never seen in Indian oud oils before."

    Can you guess which is the original, which the plagiarism?

    I haven't bothered much with AgarAura and their products, knowing well what goes into making Oud oil. Bluemoon's story (now deleted) of Trygve sleeping in distilleries to protect the purity of her oils is what I've lived and seen. I've been to jungles where you're scared to step out of the car to relieve yourself, lest you're bit by something deadly. In lieu of such realities, the agendas behind any act of innocent imitation (no matter how clever a marketer may be behind it) appear very miniscule.
  9. Oudhiferous
    This discussion is beginning to border upon ridiculous. I personally feel a bit saddened to see this level of competitive marketing in the Oud world. RJK, you just made a post that was a very strong endorsement of Ensar, and now after reading OudSelects rather direct (and very amateur) criticism of him, you are ready to "make the switch".

    In my opinion, this is exactly what such companies are striving after. I personally don't know anything about what is happening in those jungles. I don't feel I am in a place to question Ensar, nor do I feel I am in a place to suddenly believe OudSelect because of that sales pitch. I believe what's in the bottle, I believe the smell that reaches my heart...pure Oud oil.

    No doubt Oud is going extinct, and this is not something that has only come to light recently. There are some very old posts in Ensar's Blog where he speaks about this very reality coming to be. Rather than pitching one seller over against another, and getting entangled in the always superficial world of marketing, I recommend we all come back home to the real reason we post on this board, and the deeper reasons for why we love Oud oil so much!

    A swipe of Ensar's Oud Royale on my wrist this morning...and I don't have any questions or concerns. The seller's integrity is perfectly obvious in the bottle.
  10. okonos
    @Oudhiferous: Wasn't RJK being ironic as he commented on those 3 paragraphs he forwarded? Often hard to tell online. And of course risky to do with so many different cultural appreciations of irony.
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