Agarwood oil thread.

  1. diallo
    I can imagine what the new kiswah smells like. For those who may not know, every year the Saudi authorities change the covering of the Kaba in the holy mosque in Mecca and the cloth is scented so that the pilgrims and other visitors to the can benefit from it's beauty both by sight and smell! That's where the kiswat al kaba attar comes from. I'm sure most of you know that just wanted to mention!
  2. Ensar
    @Acer, interesting take on the Assam Black. If you offered me this oil and Sheikh's Borneo, I'd take the Black any day.

    I'm curious to know how you'd compare it to an oil like Indian Symphony? I had the chance to smell this last night for the first time.
  3. Organic1
    Acer3- Some people may find some Assam oils to be overwhelming and very potent, I would suggest try blending it with a high quality
    sweet oil and you may find it will transform into something very wonderful. I have done this a few times with Oud Mostafa and it goes great
    with Egyptian Sandalwood, you may also try Egyptian Musk or Sandalwood Bengal, but again only use high quality.
  4. sjh
    Oud will still be around.. one big house just bought 100 tons of wood. For distillation. After they sell the super China grade wood!
  5. Organic1
    AZsmells- you ask what oud going to wear today.
    I am thinking today to wear Oud Mostafa blended with East Kalimantan in perfect harmony, It's like a dream come true.
    Then when the drydown phase is nearly complete I would layer it with a healthy swipe of my vintage original Oudh Shuyookhi by Al-Haramain
    I really love the exquisite crystal bottle it is contained in and the beautiful wooden presentation box it comes in, in good taste and ancient traditions.
    and I plan to burn some Vietnamese Kynam Agarwood Chips, the combination of oils and oud smoke is just so great.
  6. sjh
    China grade means big big king super.
    Sell China grade, buy distillation grade. That's a wise decision .
  7. acer3
    Ensar please answer my questions first then I shall answer yours.
  8. Oudhiferous
    Relative to the Assam Black discussion, it is always intriguing to me how everyone will have a different response to Oud, whether it be subtle or dramatic. I have never smelled Assam Black, but now I really want to!

    More praise for Oud Bengal. Everytime I wear this Oud it grows on me. It does not have the depth of the Ouds that I consider my favorites, but it does have a unique scent profile. That alone makes it a joy to wear, and makes for a happy addition to my collection.

    Ensar, knowing your tastes, you would enjoy Al-Arabiya. I also know and cannot stand the nauseating smell of synthetics...but Al-Arabiya does not do that to me. I could be wrong, but my nose tells me that its rather clean! My favorite Mukhallat, beautifully complex.
  9. Organic1
    Has anybody ever tried this:

    Limited Edition 2005 Dahn Al Oudh by Ajmal?
  10. Ensar
    @Acer, regarding the Kyara Koutan, suppose it was a gift which I received for free. What would your pricing philosophy dictate that it sell for?
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