Agarwood oil thread.

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  1. acer3
    Manuel wait!!!
  2. abubakr_al-misky
    nice Manuel, Score!
  3. acer3
    Wow I never knew Al-Haramain had a PROPER website. Thnx for the link Manuel

    After carefull consideration, the sales assistant actually gave me the wrong information.

    The Oud that I actually tried and am singing its praises here was Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq. If you look carefully at the picture, in Arabic it says 100%.

    This is the Oud I was referring to! Please disregard my previous statement about it being Dhen Al Oudh Manasek.

    Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq is an Indian Oud, wild harvested from Assam, single origin. Can't remember how many years it has aged for but for anything to be classified as Ateeq - the wood used has to be of high quality and the oil has to be aged for minum 3 years. Knowing these dudes it has probobly aged for least 10 years.
  4. acer3
    The sales assistant was actually telling me about all these Ouds last night. Given the time, I was really tired and I couldn't note everything he said.

    By the way, Abdul Qaim posted a review of their Shuyookhi Oud. I found it last night on the Agarwood oil thread. I think it is spot on.

    Shuyookhi is a Cambodian Oud.
  5. acer3
    To all Indian Oud lovers, I challenge thee! Try Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq 100% and tell me you don't like it hehehe

    Dred, Manuel, Abubakr (3 Indian Oud lovers that I know I'd love to know what you guys about it If I had any, I would have sent you guys a sample of it

    Just as long as one of you guys haven't converted to like Borneo Ouds or whatever lol I think you would all like it

    Wish I actually purchased this Oud when I was in Dubai ... I only received (sampled) a drop of this Oud while at the shop.
  6. acer3
    Price wise, I could get it cheaper ... I think I was quoted 1800 Dirhams for it as well. That's like $100 bux cheaper ...

    That Arabianbazar dude's price is really off the charts ... $900 bux!

    Another recommendation if I may, Al-Haramain's Special blend, that is a very beautiful blend!

    Mukhallth Al-Quds is quite nice as well. Al-Quds in Arabic refers to Jerusalem.
  7. RashidD
    I've got shuyookhi coming in the mail... Yayayayayayay!
    Can someone link me to AQ's review?
  8. Manuel
    Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq
    It looks like a full tola...tempting.

    I had received an Al Haramain desk calendar not too long ago, and it has little photos of their different offerings. One of the fragrances pictured is called "Oudh Malaysia". I scoured the internet in search of it but found nothing about it -anywhere. It's a 2010 calendar, I don't think they'd advertise discontinued frags...unless it's an upcoming release.
  9. acer3
    Here's a thought guys, why don't we group buy Dhen Al Oud Maliki Ateeq?

    Manuel if your in, I'm in and we would need 2 more buyers to take the fall with us lol

    Abubakr, Dred? Any takers?

    We could go like 3ml each times 4 buyers or like one buyer buys 6ml and 2 buyers buy 3ml each. That would cost around $125 USD per 3ml.

    Everything would be calculated at cost prices.
  10. Manuel
    Yes. I'm in!
    Acer, if no one else bites I'll go halfers with you
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